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How to Use Customer Interaction for Real Estate Businesses

How to Use Customer Interaction for Real Estate Businesses

Wondering how to leverage the power of customer in your real estate business? Read on to find out.

QR Codes for real estate: Top 10 real estate agents killing it with QR Codes

QR code in front of a real estate property

Contrary to widely-held belief, millennials are more likely to buy a property than rent one. With changing consumer demography, we need to modify the ways of interacting with our buyers. Some of the top real estate agencies have nailed it by using QR codes. Here are a few learnings from the top 10 real estate agents and realtors who are killing it with QR codes.

31 Psychology-backed lead generation strategies for real estate

Psychology-backed lead generation strategies for real estate

The past year witnessed that around 36% of home purchasers were millennials. With millennials taking the real-estate industry by storm through their consistently increasing purchases, it’s time for realtors to up their lead generation game and grab as many leads as possible. While some of the older lead generation techniques still hold their ground, the […]

Tech in Real Estate: 5 top realtors making the best use of Bluetooth beacons

5 Real-estate agencies that made the best use of beacon technology

  Despite splurging on conventional advertising methods like radio ads, billboards, and flyers, most businesses miss out on being noticed by the potential buyers. This is why real estate industry has recently picked great interest in beacon technology which successfully enhances their reach. Real estate businesses visualize a sales boost with beacons due to the […]

3 quick ways beacon technology can help Real Estate professionals sell more

3 quick ways beacon technology can help Real Estate professionals sell more

In this fiercely competitive market, there are indeed numerous ways to market real estate businesses – be it radio ads, billboards or flyers. However, most of these ways fail in reaching out to potential buyers at the right time and in the right manner. Shouldn’t technology be able to address this problem efficiently? That’s why […]

How the Real Estate industry is using beacons

Real estate industry using beacons vs sale signs

Real estate is one of those transforming industries that has recently picked up great interest in beacon-based marketing for boosting customer experience. With increasing blindness towards billboards and sale signs, realtors and marketers have to switch to alternate ways of delivering information to prospects. What better than delivering information on smartphones! A recent survey from […]

Beacons in Real Estate – Showcase your Property, Automate Check-in and more


While beacons continue to make waves in various domains, there’s yet another vertical jumping on to the beacon bandwagon: real estate. The real estate business has taken note of iBeacon technology and we are seeing an increasing number of real estate giants using the technology for showcasing their properties, interacting with prospective buyers, automating the […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Real Estate Business using Beaconstac


The latest vertical to be exploring beacons is the real estate business. Real estate companies are fast realizing how important a role beacons can play in their marketing strategy. These devices can enhance the customer house hunting experience to a great extent by notifying customers about houses that are on sale in the vicinity, sending […]