5 Ways to Align Your Digital and Retail Marketing Strategies in 2019

In the past decade, most brands have gone all-in on digital marketing.  As the internet grows, it makes sense to focus on this fast-growing platform that gives your brand access to nearly 55 percent of the entire world’s population who use the internet.  But, if you have spent the last few years focusing on digital […]

QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

Image Source CREATE A QR CODE NOW Over the past two decades of their existence, QR Codes have evolved as a disruptive innovation across all categories of business and marketing. QR codes are now ubiquitous and are taking over almost every aspect of a business from posters to payments. E-commerce, like all other industries, is […]

How to use QR codes in Retail: 6 Brands doing it right

How to use QR codes in Retail: Brands doing it right

CREATE A QR CODE NOW After years of being raved about by marketers, QR Codes have finally started gaining momentum. Given that the number of US households with users who scanned QR code on a smartphone in the year 2018 estimated to be 9.8 million, it looks like the efforts of marketers all around the […]

Top retail marketing strategies in 2019


To make it in retail, the mantra for success was – Location, Location, Location. Not anymore, though. 2018 saw major big-box retailers like Toys R Us, Bon-Ton closing down and others like Macy’s, Sears and J.C. Penney closing some of their major stores. The culprit? E-commerce that has brought on the ‘retail apocalypse.’ But, the […]

Do you have a brand app? Use NearBee SDK to run proximity marketing campaigns

Use NearBee SDK to run your proximity marketing campaigns

Proximity marketing as a form of marketing has been around for decades but has remained confined to just bringing people to stores. However, with Bluetooth beacons not only can brands bring more people to the store, but also engage with customers inside the store. Related: Using beacons to improve the consumer experience Think of Bluetooth […]

Holiday marketing trends with beacons: Forecasts and predictions

holiday season_beacon marketing

Although the holiday season doesn’t start till the end of November, shopping for the holiday season is already in full force. In a study by Bazaarvoice, 2 types of shoppers were identified – planners and spontaneous shoppers. 59% of shoppers – the planners – start shopping 42 days before the holiday season even starts leaving […]

Billboard and OOH Advertising: Can Beacon Technology breathe new life into it?

Can Beacon Technology breathe new life into Billboard and Outdoor Advertising?

Billboard and OOH advertising have thrived where TV and newspaper ads have failed. 98% of the population sees at least one billboard advertisement every week. 71% of consumers often look at the message on the billboards. Outdoor advertising is still growing (2.9% in 2018) but compare that to Facebook wherein Facebook ads alone reported a […]

A definitive guide to beacon proximity marketing in car dealerships

A definitive guide to beacon proximity marketing in car dealerships

  Beacons have proven their worth in a lot of verticals like real estate, retail, hotels among many others. So, can beacons be used in car dealerships as well? Yes. Beacons are revolutionizing the way customers buy cars and engage with salespersons at dealerships. Let’s explore some of the ways beacons have broken the norm. […]

PWAs and beacons: A powerful retail mobile marketing strategy

PWAs and beacons: A powerful retail mobile marketing strategy

The mobile app has seen a tremendous change in the way users interact with it. Since its inception in 1994, apps have gone through a massive overhaul. There are apps to book flights, measure distances and even help you get fit. Apps, when tied to BLE beacons, can also help retailers drive sales and increase […]

4 retail marketing trends radically reshaping retail landscape in 2018 and beyond

4 trends radically reshaping retail marketing in 2018 and beyond

The retail marketing landscape has undergone some significant changes over the past few decades. The word ‘store’ is slowly being replaced with ‘physical retail spaces’. Given the major explosion of e-commerce giants like Amazon, retail marketing is no longer about just selling things. Retail marketing trends entails about selling experiences and subtly guiding consumers to […]