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Boost QR collaboration with Beaconstac’s Slack integration

Introducing Beaconstac's native Slack Integration

Beaconstac has now rolled out a native Slack integration, enabling your teams to stay up-to-date with the latest QR Code scan data. With the Slack integration, you can notify your team of real-time QR Code scans and form responses directly on the Slack channel of your choice.

Automate QR Code Campaigns with Workato and Integromat

Discover more QR Code automation with Beaconstac's Integromat and Workato integrations.

Discover new methods of QR Code automation with Beaconstac’s Integromat and Workato integrations. Connect Beaconstac to your CRM, automate notifications, create QR Codes in bulk.

Manage Bulk QR Code Generation from a Single Google Sheet

Manage Bulk QR Code Generation from a Single Google Sheet

Generate and manage QR Codes in bulk using an all-in-one integration – the Google Sheets add-on. Save time, enhance team collaborations, and become more action efficient.

Zapier Integration: Beaconstac Product Update

63% of companies that are outgrowing their competition are using automation. The reason? It’s simple. Automation in marketing saves time, increases customer engagement and drives upselling. So, why aren’t more companies using it? Table of Contents According to CircleResearch and B2B marketing, 61% of companies surveyed found the implementation process difficult.  This is why, we decided to […]