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QR Code Labels 101: Your Guide to Upgrading from Barcodes

QR Code stickers and labels on marketing collateral

If barcode labels have been your go-to, here’s how you can expand your labelling efforts with QR Code labels. They are safer, blend with your brand better, and do everything barcodes do—just better.

Best of QR Codes on Product Packaging: The Sustainability Edition

Best of QR Codes on Product Packaging: The Sustainability Edition

Find out how brands like Lush, Cocokind, Thrift+, and many more marketed their sustainability efforts and educated consumers worldwide using QR Codes on product packaging!

How to Use QR Codes on Food Packaging: The All-In-One Guide

How to Use QR Codes on Food Packaging: The All-In-One Guide

Explore this quick guide to learn the ins and outs of QR Codes on food packaging to reinforce trust, establish authenticity, and improve brand reputation for your F&B brand!

Product Packaging Trends 2021: 17 Latest Trends for Brand Managers

The latest product packaging trends for 2021.

Explore the latest product packaging trends in 2021 to understand how to instil confidence and reinforce trust through packaging throughout the consumer buying journey.

How CPG Brands Can Use QR Codes on Product Packaging for Transparency

How CPG brands can use QR codes for product packaging transparency.

QR Codes are useful to share relevant information with consumers to reinforce trust, improve brand reputation, and foster long-term brand loyalty. Check out this insightful article to using QR Codes on product packaging to establish transparency for your CPG brand.

QR codes on CBD packaging and labeling: Meeting state requirements and the key to legalization

QR codes on CBD labeling

Find out how you can create QR Codes to display CoA, ask for user feedback, analyze scan insights.
Bonus: Get access to the best QR Code generator for CBD companies.

How to Use QR Codes on Prescription Bottles: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to use QR Codes on prescription bottles to enable traceability, establish transparency, and ease consumers’ concerns from this detailed guide.

Google Services QR Code Generator: How to create & use them

QR Code Generator for Google Services: How to create & use them

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