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Proximity marketing regional analysis

Proximity marketing regional analysis

The regional analysis of proximity marketing market by reveals that North America will hold majority of proximity marketing market share with high penetration of mobile devices in U.S. and Canada by 2024. The high adoption of proximity marketing tools in retail and healthcare sector is also one of the major reasons for the growth. […]

Proximity Marketing forecast 2025

Proximity Marketing forecast 2025

According to the “Global Proximity Marketing Market Forecast 2025”, the adoption of proximity Marketing is becoming prolific with leading key players like Google Inc., Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Qualcomm Inc. The Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +30% and surpass USD 25 billion by 2025. The latest technological advancements in Bluetooth […]

How to run a powerful proximity marketing campaign on iOS devices?

How to run a powerful proximity marketing campaign on iOS devices

According to a recent survey by Statcounter in December 2017, 19.91% of the mobile market is occupied by iOS devices. For the last few years, sending proximity marketing campaigns to iOS was a breeze – Chrome browser scanned for beacon signals and displayed the notification on the device as soon as it detected a beacon […]

Bluetooth beacons vs WiFi vs NFC : Where is the IoT market headed in 2018?

WiFi vs Bluetooth beacons vs NFC

A comprehensive comparison of all proximity marketing solutions (PART – 2) Digitization is rapidly bridging the gap between the physical and digital retail experience to enhance the customer in-store experience. Business owners and marketers have adopted technologies in interesting ways. Based on their experiences, we have curated a comprehensive comparison of all proximity marketing solutions. […]

Do QR codes and RFID measure up to powerful Bluetooth beacons for retail?

Do QR codes and RFID measure up to powerful Bluetooth beacons for retail?

A comprehensive comparison of all proximity marketing solutions for retail (PART – 1) Since the 1960s, E. Jerome McCarthy’s concept of the “Four P’s of Marketing,” – using Product, Price, Promotion and Placement as the primary pillars of marketing strategy has served various businesses. And although the four P’s have gone through various iterations over […]

How to run a proximity marketing campaign without an app

UPDATE: Nearby Notifications will no longer be supported on Android smartphones after December 6 2018. Please read this blog post to understand how you can continue running proximity marketing campaigns through beacons. Very few in-store technologies have seen the kind of success that beacons have – 75% of the top 20 retailers in the U.S. […]

What are the 4 highest converting proximity campaigns for holiday season 2017?

Beacons in holiday season

Six hundred and fifty-eight dollars – That’s how much customers spent during the holiday sale in 2016! That was up by 4% from 2015. Deloitte expects holiday sales to top $1 trillion between the months of November and January this year. This spike in customer activity is both an opportunity and a challenge for small […]

Location-based Marketing vs Proximity Marketing


It is no secret that location-based marketing is fast changing the way consumers interact with brands around them. According to a report by the Location Based Marketing Association, 75% of marketers believe location-based marketing is an important element of their business strategy. One of the primary reasons why location-based marketing is so popular among both […]

Wi-Fi vs RFID vs GPS vs Beacon: Which Location-Based Service Technology should your Brand go ahead with?


Location is mobile, and as Benedict Evans at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, puts it, ‘Mobile is eating the world.’ This staggering consumer shift to mobile has made the location the cookie of the real world, thus making it easier and more vital for businesses to take actionable decisions from, the […]

5 Ways to Measure the Impact of your Proximity Marketing Campaign


Though it’s not quite over yet, 2016 has been one of the best years for the proximity marketing industry till date. While year 2015 saw brands hold discussions around beacons, geofencing and other location-aware infrastructure, this year saw brands come forward and discuss tips around developing a beacon-enabled app, the promises that Eddystone holds in […]