Transparent QR Codes: Easy to Create and Merge With Design Collaterals

Make design engaging and attractive with transparent QR Codes

Leverage transparent QR Codes that perfectly blend into every design. Increase brand awareness, attract customers, and boost conversions.

The Complete Guide to Leveraging QR Codes in Signage for Your Business


QR Codes in signage are easy to deploy and scan. It’s a great way to promote your brand and works for multiple industries. Moreover, you get access to a host of customer insights too.

Improve Customer Experience & Boost Revenue with QR Codes for Check-in

Use QR Codes for easy and hassle-free check-ins

Long wait times can negatively impact your customers experience. Use QR Code for check-in to cut long queues at hotels, events and offices. Read on to learn the advantages of using a check-in QR Code.

Create a Custom Apple Music QR Code to Amplify Audio Content Promotion

Apple Music QR Code: Share music and boost revenue

Learn how to create a custom Apple Music QR Code and leverage it to promote music. Find out why it’s ideal to use Beaconstac’s QR Code solution over Apple Music’s static QR Codes.

How to create a QR Code for Google Slides: Secure and Seamless Sharing

How to create QR Code for Google Slides

Share your Google Slides presentation with a large audience in a seamless and secure manner using QR Codes. Explore our step-by-step guide on how to create QR Codes for Google Slides.

Leverage Survey QR Code to Get Instant Customer Feedback


No more waiting for customer feedback. Boost your customer survey response rates with Beaconstac’s survey QR Code generator. Get feedback on the go.

QR Code for Non-Profits: How to Enhance Impact and Raise More Funds

QR Code for non-profits and fundraising

Share information about your cause and increase impact with QR Codes for non-profits. Explore how your NGO can use QR Codes for events, fundraising, donations and more.

QR Codes on Street Signs: A Unique Solution For Smart Cities

QR Codes on Street Signs

QR Codes on street signs provide real-time information to users on the go. This innovative solution offers convenience, sustainability, and data collection capabilities. In this blog, read how QR Codes can help create a smart city and improve urban experiences for residents and visitors.

QR Codes for Restaurant Ordering: The Simple Recipe for Higher Orders


QR Code ordering helps reduce customer wait times and leads to higher orders. This blog shows how you can use QR Codes for restaurant ordering and boost your revenue.

Create QR Codes with Custom Domain: Reinforce Branding and Improve Conversion

QR Codes with custom brand domains

Improve branding and generate more business with the help of Beaconstac’s custom QR Code domains. Want to know how? Check out this article to learn more about our custom domain feature.