7 best QR Code scanner apps for Android and iOS leading the pack in 2021

Looking for the best QR Code scanner apps for Android and iOS? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you discover the leading QR Code reader apps in 2021.

Upgrade your QR Codes into a powerful & integrated marketing channel

Offline and online experiences are not meant to be in silos – definitely not in 2021. In an attempt to bridge the gap, brands have already added QR codes to their offline presence – on product, packaging or marketing material.  However, in our conversations with FMCG, CBD and CPG brands, we realized that 80% of […]

QR Codes vs NFC: What is best for your business?

QR codes vs NFC

Customer experience, both offline and online, has fast become a top differentiator for businesses of all sizes. According to a Walker report, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the primary brand differentiator. With that in mind, businesses are drifting towards connecting offline and online experience with technologies such as NFC and […]

Grocery Store Marketing Plan: The Combination of Brick-and-Mortar Marketing and QR Codes

QR Code Coupons in Direct Mailer for grocery stores

Working on building an efficient grocery store marketing plan? Combine the power of coupons and direct mail marketing using QR Codes to cater to your mobile-first consumers and grow your customer base. Find out more with this quick guide to building your grocery store marketing plan!

QR codes on CBD packaging and labeling: Meeting state requirements and the key to legalization

QR codes on CBD labeling

Find out how you can create QR Codes to display CoA, ask for user feedback, analyze scan insights.
Bonus: Get access to the best QR Code generator for CBD companies.

QR Code Design Enhancements: Beaconstac Product Update

Custom QR Codes

Create colorful, custom QR Codes with logo, frame, and image with our QR Code Solution. Want to start with free QR Codes? Try our free online QR Code generator. CREATE A DESIGNER QR CODE START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL Table of Contents The Update Make your QR Codes more beautiful Create a customized QR Code […]

Dynamic QR Codes 101: What they are and how to create, edit, and use them effectively

Best Dynamic QR code generator

What is a dynamic QR Code? How can you create, edit, and use them effectively? Read this ultimate guide to learn how.

How to Use QR Codes on Prescription Bottles: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to use QR Codes on prescription bottles to enable traceability, establish transparency, and ease consumers’ concerns from this detailed guide.

Improve QR Code campaign performance + Benchmarks

Improve QR Code performance

Make your QR Codes work smarter! Generate positive ROI with QR Code campaigns. Compare the current QR performance with industry benchmarks and understand how to improve them.

Reinforce your branding with your next QR code campaign: Beaconstac Product Update

QR Code Campaign with custom domain and custom URL

Your QR code campaigns can now have a custom domain and a personalized URL.  This feature update will make it easy for your customers to recognize your campaigns and help you target the right segment with the personalized URLs.  CREATE DYNAMIC QR CODE START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL Table of Contents Update 1: Using your […]