Bulk QR Code Generator: How to Generate Bulk Dynamic QR Codes in 4 steps

Create dynamic QR Codes in bulk with Beaconstac

Learn how to create multiple QR Codes with a bulk QR Code generator in 4 steps and key features to look for in this blog post.

4 Founders, 2 Marketers, and 1 City Council Candidate: What they think of QR Codes in 2019

QR Code in 2019: What marketers and business really think of QR codes

When I was writing this blog post “Are QR Codes still relevant in 2019?”, I saw that there was a sizeable search volume for these terms –  ‘Are QR Codes dead?’ and ‘Will they make a comeback in 2019?’ I trust the data. By 2020, 11 million households in the US alone will scan a […]

QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide on QR Codes in Direct Mail

Want to enhance your direct mail marketing campaigns? Try QR Codes! They’re effective, scalable, and easy to set up. Check out this complete guide to incorporating QR Codes in your direct mail marketing strategy.

QR Codes for events: Make event management easier and more innovative

Want to make event management easier for your business and more engaging for your audience?

Read this short guide to learn how QR Codes for events can help.

Digital QR Code Scavenger Hunt Guide: How to create, ideas, and examples

QR code scavenger hunt

Liven up corporate events, parties, school activities, and promotional campaigns with the help of QR Code scavenger hunts. Check out this step-by-step guide to curating a fun and engaging virtual scavenger hunt with the use of QR Codes!

Beaconstac’s Smart QR Code platform just got published on Product Hunt!

Product Hunt is a website of a kind, that stays true to the tagline and brings forth a plethora of the most innovative tech products around the internet, in one place. While its a treat for tech-lovers, the chance of a spotlight on us is here, and we hope to earn your support and upvotes. […]

QR codes for innovative learning possibilities in the classroom

With the advent of the 21st century, there was colossal development in various sectors. This development, however, did not leave the education sector untapped. Learning, in this century, goes well beyond the four walls of a classroom and a survey in 2016 that indicated that daily use of technology in classrooms was up 55 percent […]

Google Services QR Code Generator: How to create & use them

QR Code Generator for Google Services: How to create & use them

CREATE A GOOGLE QR CODE START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL QR codes are penetrating into the business world irrespective of their size and category. While QR codes have become a marketer’s favorite tool for bridging the gap between online and offline marketing, on the other hand, we have a company that was started in 1998 […]

QR Codes in email marketing: Supercharge your email marketing campaigns

QR Codes and email marketing

Looking to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns? QR Codes in emails can help. Check out our comprehensive guide below to learn how.

QR Code Menu 101: Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2021

QR Code Strategy for Restaurants

Thinking of how to set up a safe and contactless restaurant ordering system? Enter QR Code menus. Explore this comprehensive guide on creating QR Code menus with some helpful restaurant hacks and ways to bring back customers!