How to use QR codes in Retail: 6 Brands doing it right

How to use QR codes in Retail: Brands doing it right

Find out how you can use QR Codes in retail from this helpful guide, and dive into the QR Code campaign teardown of popular brands like Heinz, Lacoste, and Ralph Lauren.

How to scan QR Codes with Android phones without an app

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Why 2022 is the Year of QR Codes

Why 2022 is the Year of QR Codes

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QR Code Marketing: QR Code Use Cases for Proximity Marketing in 2022

QR code use cases for proximity marketing in 2019

QR Codes serve as a viable technology to power your proximity marketing workflows. Want to know how? Check out this comprehensive guide to QR Code use cases for proximity marketing and uncover the rising relevance of this technology!

5 Reasons why QR Codes are still Effective


QR codes are best known to consumers as pixelated squares attached to billboards, magazine ads, commercials, posters, product packaging, and countless marketing materials are seen every day. Technically, these pixelated squares are two-dimensional barcodes and give businesses the ability to measure the effectiveness of their offline marketing campaigns. However, in the past one year, many […]