Preparing for Success When the Dinner Bell Sounds Again

As the pandemic rages on in some places and diminishes in others, the time frame to complete reopening is too difficult to pin down. Some say it may happen by Spring 2021 and that by then, we would be well on our way to feeling normal again with a vaccine and recuperative therapies that work. […]

QR Codes for Webinars: Set Up Interactive Sessions in a Jiffy!

QR Codes for webinars

Learn how to create QR Codes for webinars and why QR Codes are the perfect tool for webinars in this blog post.

How to Create Batch QR Codes Using API: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create Batch QR Codes Using API: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to create batch QR codes using API and integrate with your websites and apps to experience higher functionality, automation, and increase ROI!

How CPG Brands Can Use QR Codes on Product Packaging for Transparency

How CPG brands can use QR codes for product packaging transparency.

Find out the different ways of how CPG brands can use QR codes to establish transparency with product packaging, and learn about its importance!

AR Codes: 3 Best AR Apps for 2021

Best AR Apps

With a myriad of augmented reality apps in the market, read this blog post to read about the best AR apps for 2021!

QR Code Security: How to Scan QR Codes Safely + Features of A Safe QR Code Generator

QR Code security

Everything you need to know about QR Code security, scanning QR Codes safely and choosing a safe QR Code solution.

How to make a sizzling QR Code for a restaurant menu

QR Code menu experience

In the wake of the pandemic, a restaurant is much more than just delicacies. And safe dining is at the top of the list. Let’s face it, diners are not willing to touch any surface that might be exposed to the virus due to multiple hand exchanges. This is why restaurants are picking QR Codes […]

Age Gated QR Codes & More | Product Update

Learn how to restrict your content with a password or age, design colourful coupon QR Codes, download scalable SVG QR Codes, and customize the QR Code frame.

QR Codes for Financial Institutions: The Rise of QR Code Payments

According to Facts and Factors, the global mobile technology market in 2019 was approximately USD 290 billion and is expected to reach over USD 5,500 billion by 2026. Read this blog post to learn how QR Codes are used in financial institutions.

7 Use-Cases of QR Codes in the Automobile Industry That Go Beyond Tracking!

QR Codes in the automobile industry

Although QR Codes were designed to track automotive manufacturing parts, popular car manufacturers such as Cadillac, GM Motors, and Mercedes have adopted QR Codes for more than just tracking. Read this blog post to know other unique use-cases of QR Codes in the automobile industry.