QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

Over the past two decades of their existence, QR Codes have evolved as a disruptive innovation across all categories of business and marketing. QR codes are now ubiquitous and are taking over almost every aspect of a business from posters to payments. E-commerce, like all other industries, is no stranger to the usage of QR […]

QR code generator with logo: Create colorful QR Codes

Beaconstac Product Update: Introducing a free QR code generator

Editor’s Note: This blog was updated on 6th August 2019 to reflect the latest information. UPDATE #1: Beaconstac has just launched a special QR Code for solution for enterprises with enterprise-level security, API access, custom domain, and a dozen more features. UPDATE #2: You can even create QR codes in bulk using our bulk QR […]

How to Create and Use QR Codes for your Small Business

How to Create and Use QR Codes for your Small Business

Did you know there is a World Record that exists for QR codes? Carved in a wheat field in China, the World’s Largest QR Code measures 36100 square meters based on the Guinness World Record data. While a QR code that huge might seem entirely deviated from the original functionality of QR codes, it does […]

15 Epic QR Code Examples from Brands Killing it!

Epic QR Code Examples from Brands Killing it!

From small retail stores to niche popular luxury brands, QR codes are a point of fascination for all categories of businesses. QR codes add an edge to the customer experience that a company provides. QR codes have seen diverse applications in every possible industry over the past two decades of its existence. With the number […]

How to use QR codes in Retail: 6 Brands doing it right

How to use QR codes in Retail: Brands doing it right

After years of being raved about by marketers, QR Codes have finally started gaining momentum. Given that the number of US households with users who scanned QR code on a smartphone in the year 2018 estimated to be 9.8 million, it looks like the efforts of marketers all around the world have managed to uncover […]

How to scan QR codes with Android phones without an app

How to scan QR codes with Android phones

Now you can create your very own QR codes with a logo for free. To make it editable, sign up for our 14-day free trial! Editor’s Note: This blog has been updated to display the latest information as of September 5, 2019. The 2017’s iOS 11 update added the native capability to all iPhones allowing […]

Why 2020 is the year of QR codes


Want to keep up with everything happening in the QR Code world? Bookmark our free QR Code generator page to stay up to date. Despite having been around for decades, QR codes never became the revolutionary marketing strategy that businesses and marketers had hoped. But, 2017’s iOS 11 update changed that. Apple’s stealth update that […]

QR Code Marketing: QR Code use cases for proximity marketing in 2020

QR code use cases for proximity marketing in 2019

QR codes were first invented in 1994 by the Denso Wave company to track their manufacturing process for vehicles. That’s all there was to QR code usage. Just like NFC and RFID, tracking items was what QR codes were primarily used for. TRY QR CODES FOR MARKETING START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL Table of Contents […]

5 Reasons why QR Codes are still Effective


QR codes are best known to consumers as pixelated squares attached to billboards, magazine ads, commercials, posters, product packaging, and countless marketing materials are seen every day. Technically, these pixelated squares are two-dimensional barcodes and give businesses the ability to measure the effectiveness of their offline marketing campaigns. However, in the past one year, many […]