CATEGORY: QR Code Basics

How To Update a QR Code [No Reprints Required]

How to Update a QR Code

Discover the step-by-step process to update a QR Code without the hassle of reprinting. Keep your QR Codes up-to-date with ease.

How to Use QR Code for Event Tracking—the Ultimate Guide

QR Code event tracking

Learn how QR Code tracking can be used to measure event success. Track engagement, attendance, and more to derive better event insights.

How To Edit a QR Code? [No Reprinting Required]

How to edit QR Codes?

Create editable QR Codes with Beaconstac and modify them on the go. Save on re-printing costs, run dynamic campaigns, and engage users effectively.

Ensure Clarity and Scannability With High Resolution QR Codes

Learn how to create High resolution QR Codes

High resolution QR Codes are resizeable across versatile marketing campaigns. They retain clarity, and ensure that you never miss out on a scan!

Announcing our Series A Funding

Today, I’m excited to share that Beaconstac has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Telescope Partners, with the participation of our existing investor Accel Partners. 

Colored QR Code: Create One to Boost Customer Engagement

Create Colored QR Codes to Boost Customer Engagement

Colored QR Code plays a vital role in branding and attracting potential customers. Read on to learn more about the colored QR Codes.

How to Make a QR Code for a File or Folder in Your Dropbox Account

How to Make a QR Code for a Dropbox Folder Using 4 Easy Methods

If you are wondering how to make a QR Code for a Dropbox folder, you have come to the right place. We’ve outlined several options on how to do it.

Generate QR Codes with Text Below: Create QR Code CTA

Use QR Code generator with text below as a CTA

Every marketing material is incomplete without a solid call to action that clicks with your audience. Hence, QR Codes with text below can easily be your print media’s CTA button in order to gather more scans.

QR Code Design: How to Make a Custom QR Code

Create custom QR Codes to match your branding, stand out from competitors, and increase brand recall. Explore this guide to learn more about creating branded QR Codes with some helpful design tips and use cases.

Create a QR Code in Different Shapes: Elevate Brand Design

Create Shaped QR Codes to Elevate Brand Design

Generate compelling brand designs using custom QR Code shapes. Increase brand awareness, impress your customer base from the get-go, and gather more conversions.