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WhatsApp QR Code: Add Contacts and Start Conversations With a Single Scan

WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp’s new QR Code feature, available for iOS and Android users, lets you add contacts in a jiffy, start a conversation with anyone instantly, and help marketers and businesses talk to their customers seamlessly with a single scan.

Restaurant Menu QR Code: Product Update

Enable contactless menus with a one-stop solution: Restaurant Menu QR Code. Host all your menus with your branding in multiple languages

Manage and Maximize Efficiency With QR Codes for Inventory Management

QR Codes for inventory management

QR Codes were primarily developed to track vehicles during the process of car manufacturing by a Japanese automobile company in 1994. With complex global manufacturing and logistics systems, QR Codes for inventory provides the capability to hold much more comprehensive information for these systems to function properly.

QR Codes for Election Campaigns: How Can They Be Used?

QR Codes for election campaigns

An election campaign constitutes a myriad of operations – field organizing, collecting voter data, targeting voters, understanding the political landscape, and campaign marketing to name a few.

Luckily, technologies such as QR Codes for election campaigns can help campaign organizers ease and automate their process to maximize their outreach.

Read this blog post to learn how QR Codes can be used in election campaigns.

How to Boost Your Productivity in 3 Effective Ways

Managing your daily workflow presents a challenge to many professionals in all industries.  There is no one answer to combating low productivity and it differs depending on your job. However, there are a few broad trends that determine the effectiveness of your workflow.  In this article I’ll give you the following three tips to help […]

Top 5 Offline Marketing Schemes For Real Estate Business in 2020

Despite the convenience and ubiquitousness of online lead generation and promotions, real estate marketing in some areas is still heavily dependent on old school systems like catalogs and flyers.  Contrary to popular belief, cold calls and print outs are not the only offline strategies you can resort to when you opt-out of online marketing.  The […]

How to Create an Offline to Online Sales Funnel That Converts

While ecommerce has certainly boomed over the last decade, 85% of sales are still made offline. This demands that you have a robust offline sales funnel that filters your prospective customers into your digital marketing funnel. By diverting offline leads through your online sales processes, you streamline your offline to online sales funnel. This increases […]

The B2B Guide to Social Media

If you’re not using social media to market your B2B company, start now. If you are, keep up with new features and try new things – the platforms are constantly evolving.

Contactless Visitor Form Templates | Beaconstac Product Update

Contactless visitor form template to fight COVID-19

Create contactless visitor form to filter visitors and to keep establishments and businesses safe using Beaconstac‘s COVID-19 templates.

QR Codes for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

QR Codes in digital marketing strategies

With the advent of smartphone culture, consumers are continually accessing information about products, services, entertainment, and more. And they want this information fast. Using QR Codes in digital marketing campaigns not only delivers information at a single scan but also helps in increasing the ROI. This also gives marketers the ability to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns in real-time, retarget customers and create personalized campaigns for their best buyers