CATEGORY: App-less proximity marketing

Using technologies like NFC and QR codes to implement proximity marketing campaigns without an app.

Design a scavenger hunt with QR codes without an app: Stepwise Guide

QR code scavenger hunt

CREATE A SCAVENGER HUNT NOW! A scavenger hunt is a game wherein you define a list of very specific objects that teams have to obtain usually without purchasing them. While there is a ton of information on how to create a QR code scavenger hunt, none of them abide by the rules of the original […]

QR codes & email marketing: Building an email list to making emails more engaging

QR Codes and email marketing

CREATE YOUR QR CODE “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” David Newman According to a report by Worldwide Business Research and Emarsys, 81% of SMBs are still relying on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention. Although most marketers understand the importance of […]

What is NFC & how does it work?

What is NFC & how does it work?

NFC payment systems have managed to marvel the entire world with their ability to provide for fast cashless transactions with just a tap of a smartphone. The number of NFC mobile payment users projected as 166 million for 2018 is proof for the fact that smartphone users absolutely love this quick & easy payment system. […]

Facebook just killed Messenger Scan Codes. Here’s how you can keep using QR codes to drive consumers to your inbox

CREATE YOUR MESSENGER QR CODE 2016: Facebook Introduces Messenger Scan Codes Inspired by Snapchat’s snap codes, Facebook introduced Messenger codes in 2016. The Messenger codes helped users to instantly connect with other users on Messenger and start conversations without the hassle of connecting with them on Facebook first. 2019: Facebook decides to kill Messenger Codes […]

Proximity marketing without an app to engage customers in 2019

Proximity marketing without an app to engage customers in 2019

How to run proximity marketing campaigns without an app 1. NFC and QR codes NFC tags and QR codes have risen in popularity in the last couple of years and are excellent channels to deliver proximity marketing campaigns without an app. NFC-enabled products have made quite a splash this year and give businesses a way […]