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Google Nearby alternative: Why NearBee is better and superior

Google Nearby alternative: Why NearBee is better and superior

Google Nearby: The journey so far On June 9, 2016, Google announced a new feature called ‘Nearby’ on all Android devices that was intended to lead the end-user to open or download an app and know more about things nearby. The idea was to serve the end-user with hyperlocal and contextual apps and information. So, […]

13 thrilling Halloween and Thanksgiving marketing campaigns with beacons

Thanksgiving marketing campaign ideas and Halloween marketing campaign ideas

The holiday season is just around the corner with Halloween only a week away. Holiday marketing campaign ideas are afoot and we wanted to share some of the best marketing strategies for Halloween and Thanksgiving that businesses can execute with beacon technology. Related: Holiday marketing ideas with beacons: Trends, forecasts, and shopping predictions Last year, […]

Beacons for banks: Banks to re-evaluate marketing strategies for millennials

Beacons in banks

As millennials are projected to surpass baby boomers as the largest generation, they are already dictating the landscape of financial services. Unfortunately, millennials carry the reputation of disliking the practices of big banks. According to a study, 73% of the millennials would instead opt for an offering in financial services from millennial-friendly brands like Google, […]

Hyperlocal marketing with location-based technology: The rise of ‘Near Me’ searches

Hyperlocal marketing and beacons

What is Hyperlocal Marketing? In 2009, hyperlocal marketing became every marketer’s favorite buzzword. Hyperlocal marketing entails extremely targeted campaigns designed to lay emphasis on a particular city or region. The idea behind it is that consumers respond better to marketing campaigns when it holds some relevance to them. That explains the rise in personalized advertisements. […]

5 interesting iBeacon use-cases that you didn’t know about

Interesting iBeacon Use Cases

iBeacon was merely a concept back in 2013. 5 years later, it has taken over retail stores and large enterprises alike. Since Apple first came out with this technology, the word iBeacon has become somewhat synonymous with a beacon. However, a beacon is merely the piece of Bluetooth equipped physical hardware that allows beacon technology […]

Healthcare technology: 9 ways BLE beacons are transforming healthcare in 2018

Healthcare technology: 9 ways BLE beacons are transforming Healthcare in 2018

Healthcare technology: Bluetooth technology, such as BLE beacons provides healthcare sector with marketing solutions, ways to enhance patient satisfaction and boost hospital efficiency According to the New York Times, more than $3 trillion is being spent annually on healthcare in the United States. It is therefore obvious why some of the biggest names are making […]

Gym marketing with beacons: 5 ways to improve your gym member retention strategy

BLE Beacon technology in gyms

Gym marketing coupled with technology such as Bluetooth beacons makes everyday interactions at the gym more enjoyable, engaging and efficient. In the United States, around 45 million adults, i.e., 14% of the population, have a gym membership. However, 80% of the people quit the gym within 5 months. Given the behavior, Planet Fitness, one of […]

A definitive guide to beacon proximity marketing in car dealerships

A definitive guide to beacon proximity marketing in car dealerships

  Beacons have proven their worth in a lot of verticals like real estate, retail, hotels among many others. So, can beacons be used in car dealerships as well? Yes. Beacons are revolutionizing the way customers buy cars and engage with salespersons at dealerships. Let’s explore some of the ways beacons have broken the norm. […]

PWAs and beacons: A powerful retail mobile marketing strategy

PWAs and beacons: A powerful retail mobile marketing strategy

The mobile app has seen a tremendous change in the way users interact with it. Since its inception in 1994, apps have gone through a massive overhaul. There are apps to book flights, measure distances and even help you get fit. Apps, when tied to BLE beacons, can also help retailers drive sales and increase […]

BLE beacon technology made simple: A complete guide to Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

BLE made simple: A complete guide to BLE, Bluetooth & beacons

About BLE What is BLE? What does it stand for? BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE, and marketed as Bluetooth Smart). BLE is a form of wireless communication designed especially for short-range communication.  BLE is very similar to Wi-Fi in the sense that it allows devices to communicate with each other. However, BLE […]