CATEGORY: Eddystone (w/o app)

Beacon campaigns that run on the Eddystone protocol and hence do not need an app to send out proximity messages.

Google Nearby: Beacon Marketing using Google Nearby Notifications

Nearby notifications

Google Nearby notifies you of things that can be helpful near you by surfacing location-specific notifications for apps and websites, with no prior app installed. Nearby has been growing in popularity for the last few months. In this blog, we will discuss answers to questions we frequently receive from our customers about Google Nearby. Let’s […]

Why Google Nearby and Samsung CloseBy are superior to the Physical Web

Nearby notifications - Samsung CloseBy - Physical Web

Bluetooth beacons are a big deal! Instead of searching for recipes online, recipes come to us as we stand in front of aisles buying vegetables and pulses for the dinner. Instead of showrooming for hours at the local tech store, our phone points out at specials while we just step into the store. Beacons and […]

How Samsung’s CloseBy Will Hasten Beacon Adoption Across the World


Beacons entered the marketing landscape a few years ago, with splashy headlines touting large nation-wide deployments and the opportunities that it provided brands with when it came to engaging their customers at the right time and place. In spite of these humongous opportunities, the pace of beacon adoption across verticals in the proximity marketing industry […]

Ebook – Eddystone 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Eddystone Beacon Pilots

Eddystone 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Eddystone Beacon Pilots

If you are a marketer looking to get started with Eddystone beacons, you are sure to have a thousand questions running in your mind. In fact, chances are that, one or more of these questions strike a chord with you: – Does Eddystone really suit my business? – How do I go about setting up […]

[Webinar Slides] How Eddystone can be the Most Powerful Tool for Digital Agencies in 2017


2016 will always be known as the year we saw beacons move beyond retail and enable critical, customer-centric use cases across various verticals. Three of the major highlights that marked this transition were the announcement of Google Nearby Notifications, Bluetooth 5 and the widespread adoption of Eddystone beacons, thanks to it’s ability to do away […]