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Trends and best practices of marketing for physical businesses

Five Reasons Why to Gamify Your Marketing Campaigns in 2021

The topic of ‘gamification’ is undoubtedly trending over the last few years, buzzing around both the marketing and business world. Read this blog post on how to gamify your marketing campaign!

19 ways to promote your small business without a website

How to promote your small business without a website

A custom website can cost upwards of $10,000 per year which is why 92% of small businesses don’t have a website yet. 22% of small businesses also state that a lack of technical skills curbs them from having a website. And while having a website may be the upgrade most small businesses need, there are […]

5 verticals that are flourishing with beacon technology in 2018

5 verticals that are flourishing with beacon technology

The market for beacon technology is expected to witness 80% growth over 2018-2024. This is mainly attributed to the penetration of smartphones and other smart devices that are Bluetooth equipped. While beacon technology is often linked to retail marketing strategies, there are plenty of other verticals that are enjoying success with BLE beacons. Based on […]

9 Disruptive Marketing Strategies for Small Retail Businesses learned from the Pros

9 Disruptive Marketing Strategies for Small Retail Businesses learned from the Pros

14% of small retail businesses fail because of poor marketing strategies. Find out what marketing strategies for retail can save the day. 20% of small retail businesses fail in their first year and 30% of small retail businesses fail in their second year. This alarming statistic can be chalked up to a variety of reasons […]

4 retail marketing trends radically reshaping retail landscape in 2018 and beyond

4 trends radically reshaping retail marketing in 2018 and beyond

The retail marketing landscape has undergone some significant changes over the past few decades. The word ‘store’ is slowly being replaced with ‘physical retail spaces’. Given the major explosion of e-commerce giants like Amazon, retail marketing is no longer about just selling things. Retail marketing trends entails about selling experiences and subtly guiding consumers to […]

6 Retail marketing strategies you should try in 2018

Experiential retail

Show of hands: Who else is tired of the term “retail apocalypse”? Need an app that morphs into your brand’s unique branding when customers enter your store? Start using NearBee today! Retail marketing in 2018 News of retail store closures filled the headlines in 2017. And the reasons were obvious – It’s really frustrating when […]

Round Up: Beacon Primer Webinar Series

Given the attention beacons have been gathering these days, it can safely be said that these tiny devices are bridging the online and offline worlds like no other technical advancement has, till date. Businesses spanning across various industry verticals have stood up and taken notice of iBeacon technology and are increasingly adopting it. Museums, hotels, […]

5 In-Store Trends Radically Reshaping Retail Marketing


In-store shopping vs online shopping debate has grabbed the limelight for quite sometime in retail. And the discourse has only reinstated that the growth of e-commerce in the retail sector has not reduced the importance of brick-and-mortar stores for consumers. As confirmed by a recent TimeTrade survey, 71% of the US consumers prefer to shop […]

Bluetooth 5: How it will impact IoT, Beacons and more


Currently used in 8.2 billion devices around the world, right from smartphones and laptops to beacons and cars, Bluetooth has become one of those unsung heroes that has helped us get through our daily lives. This is set to grow rapidly in the coming years as the Internet of Things phenomenon kicks off. Cisco has […]

Mobile Payment Showdown: Android Pay vs Apple Pay vs Beacons


According to a recent research by TrendForce, a Taiwan-based analyst firm, 2016 will see a a 37.8% year-on-year growth in mobile payments, which means consumers all over the world are predicted to spend a total of US $620 Billion in 2016 as compared to $450 Billion in 2015. The research also predicts that total mobile […]