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Retail Trends 2016: The Rise of Personalization, Augmented Reality, and more


The retail industry has witnessed significant transformation in the past year, be it innovating with technology, optimizing operations or experimenting with new retail formats. In 2016, this trend is only expected to grow bigger, signalling more exciting times for retailers and customers alike. Going forward retail is expected to become more dynamic, seamless and personalized. […]

VentureBeat Feature: India’s m-commerce landscape in 2016


As 2016 begins, mobile commerce in India is undergoing an exciting transition. The country has seen an impressive rise in everyday commerce conducted via mobile devices. A market report released last year by consulting firm Zinnov estimated that India’s market for mobile commerce was worth $2 billion in 2014 and is estimated to grow up […]

Top Mobile Trends for 2016


Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives today. According to a ComScore report, mobile has grown to be the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 62% of digital media time spent. The trends that will further drive the mobile industry ahead include personalized consumer engagement, more […]

CMO Feature: Retail Marketing Strategies For 2016


The retail space has witnessed significant innovation over the past few years. From interactive displays and cashless payments to beacons sending in-store offers–and much more–retail is undergoing a major overhaul and a welcome change from age-old strategies. With the emergence of new technologies, such as iBeacon, visual search, wearable technology, and augmented reality, digital and […]

5 Reasons to make Beacons a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy


The revenue from Location-based services market is expected to reach $43.3 billion by 2019, as stated in a report titled “Mobile Context & Location Services: Navigation, Tracking, Social & Local Search 2014-2019” issued by Juniper Research. The report also highlighted that over two-thirds of the total revenue, i.e. approximately 71%, will be driven through highly targeted […]

5 Steps to Devising an IoT Retail Strategy


Analysts have termed the Internet of Things (IoT) as the next industrial revolution that will change the way businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world. Particularly because, the recent advancements in products like wearables and home-management systems has caused IoT to gain traction at every corner of the planet, right from the developed […]

IoT and Home Automation: How Beacons are Changing the Game


Imagine! You come back to your home after a tiring day and are warmly welcomed with a cup of brewed coffee. Your home senses your presence. It switches on the lights as you enter and turns on the music system to your favorite Progressive Rock soundtrack. This is not a far-fetched idea, it’s iBeacon technology […]

4 Innovative Internet of Things Examples in Retail


That Internet of Things (IoT) is fast driving innovation and new opportunities by bringing every object, consumer and activity into the digital realm, is not news any more. And going ahead, the proliferation of connected devices coupled with improved, less-expensive technology platforms will only disrupt the rapid growth of IoT-enabled capabilities across industries. According to […]

Your Retail Guide to the 2015 Holiday Season


While the holidays may still be a month away, the holiday shopping season is already well underway for millions of Americans. Few weeks back, an article on CNBC reported that, tons of customers started holiday shopping before Labour Day. According to a recent survey by over the Labor Day weekend, about 32 million Americans […]

6 Best Practices for implementing In-store Personalization in 2015


Personalization is the latest buzzword in brick-and-mortar retail. Over the years, ecommerce has taught us that communicating with customers in a timely and relevant manner can help retailers enhance customer loyalty and engagement. In fact, according to a recent survey by Accenture, nearly 60% of U.S consumers agreed that they want a more personalized shopping […]