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QR Codes vs NFC: What is best for your business?

QR codes vs NFC

Customer experience, both offline and online, has fast become a top differentiator for businesses of all sizes. According to a Walker report, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the primary brand differentiator. With that in mind, businesses are drifting towards connecting offline and online experience with technologies such as NFC and […]

How to integrate NFC technology with your mobile marketing strategy

NFC in Mobile Marketing

In countries like the United States, consumers spend twice as much time on mobile as compared to desktop and laptop With such an inclination towards smartphones and the progress we have made with 5G, consumers are habituated to faster content delivery on smartphones. Businesses should aim to replicate the same mobile behavior in the offline […]

NFC tags guide: 5 Things you need to know before buying NFC tags

NFC tags guide: 5 Things you need to know before buying NFC tags

According to Forbes, we can attribute the rise of experiential retail to the large population of millennials preferring experiences over product. With NFC technology being cherished now more than ever, it is only valid that retailers, marketers and other business owners started using NFC to breathe new life into their online & offline marketing efforts. […]

What is NFC & how does it work?

What is NFC & how does it work?

NFC payment systems have managed to marvel the entire world with their ability to provide for fast cashless transactions with just a tap of a smartphone. The number of NFC mobile payment users projected as 166 million for 2018 is proof for the fact that smartphone users absolutely love this quick & easy payment system. […]

Why NFC manufacturers should partner with NFC marketing platforms

Why NFC manufacturers should partner with NFC marketing platforms

Growth of NFC technology NFC technology is all set to grow by leaps and bounds in the upcoming years. Based on Grand View Research reports, the NFC market size is forecasted to reach $47.43 Billion by 2024. NFC tags, NFC chips, NFC stickers & NFC readers are some of the well-known near field communication devices […]

Phones compatible with NFC: Find the complete list here!

Phones compatible with NFC

Avant-garde marketers realized very early on that NFC, as a technology, has more potential than just initiating cardless payments. Having NFC-enabled products in the store is analogous to having a store assistant waiting on individual customers paving the way for a more personalized shopping experience. Not to mention, the consumer is in charge and can […]

Best use cases of NFC to implement in 2019: Proximity marketing without an app

Proximity Marketing without an app: Best use cases of NFC to implement in 2019

In the era of ‘AI’ and Machine Learning, it seems strange to be talking about a technology that was invented in 2002. But, what started as a corollary to RFID has evolved into a full-fledged technology of its own. What is NFC? NFC or Near Field Communication enables compatible devices to communicate over short ranges. […]