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Beaconstac Product Update: Supporting beacon notifications in multiple languages | Apr 2018

Beaconstac supports beacon notifications in multiple languages

Up until now on Beaconstac, you could personalize your beacon campaigns to reach your audience by location and time. However, if your audience uses multiple languages, you ideally would also like to communicate with them in their preferred language. To make this possible, we now support beacon notifications in multiple languages. You can now dynamically […]

Introducing “keychain beacons” for real estate, events and on-the-move applications

Keychain beacons as small as a coin

As the beacon market matures, we see a proportional maturity in its use-cases and the verticals it is entering. In 2017, we observed beacons move beyond retail storefronts and aisles, to being leveraged by real estate agents, service-based professionals and business owners at local meetups, huge expos, conferences. To support these on-the-move applications, Beaconstac introduces […]

7 sure-fire ways to increase CTR and engagement of beacon campaigns

6 sure-fire ways to increase CTR and of beacon campaigns

Marketers are adopting beacons at an exciting rate. While some of them have established what beacon strategies work best for them, some are still in the early stage of crafting a beacon marketing strategy. Irrespective of which stage you are in, the primary goal is to increase the click-through rate (CTR) and engagement of their […]

Beaconstac as an Onyx Beacon alternative

Beaconstac as an alternative to Onyxbeacon

Past week Onyx Beacon announced they were discontinuing their service. Since we have had several Onyx Beacon customers and resellers across the world reach out to us, we believed it was a good idea to write a short post to say we are here for you and why we are a great alternative! Onyx Beacon features […]

Announcing NearBee for iOS: Bringing the Physical Web and Nearby notifications to iPhone users

Nearbee app for iOS users

UPDATE: We have also launched NearBee on Android that delivers rich, non-generic, non-silent, and non-duplicate notifications to Android users on their lock screen. Read our latest blog to know more. In October 2017, Chrome dropped support for the Physical Web, removing it from both Android and iOS, citing the much improved Nearby Notifications platform on […]

Proximity marketing with “pocket beacons” for retail, real estate, and on-the-move applications

Proximity marketing with “pocket beacons” for retail, real estate, and on-the-move applications

Sandcastles, houses and proximity marketing strategies – building any or all requires the right combination of tools and hardware. With the addition of two new hardware lineups to the arsenal, Beaconstac has become the world’s first proximity marketing solution to support beacon campaigns on various beacon hardware, suiting various business needs. Our promise of simplicity […]

Beaconstac Product Update: No more duplicate notifications for your campaigns!

Beacon notifications

Beaconstac beacons previously broadcasted both Nearby and Physical Web notifications, resulting in two notifications per beacon on Android. This won’t happen any longer. We have turned off Physical Web notifications on all beacons, in favour of the greater flexibility and outreach that Nearby offers. If you use an app such as PHY to receive Eddystone […]

Beaconstac Product Update: Scheduling of campaigns, improved analytics and enhanced card creatives | Nov ‘17

Beaconstac Product Update: Scheduling of campaigns,

“Proximity marketing is about establishing a timely, relevant and personal communication with your customers.” That’s what we hope you experience when you use Beaconstac. On our path to keep up with the mission, we have been working on a lot of things in the last month – based on the incredibly useful feedback we received […]

Chrome removes Physical Web support on iOS and Android

Chrome removes support for Physical Web

Is Physical Web support temporarily suppressed or gone forever? What just happened with the latest Chrome update? We noticed today that in the latest update of the Google Chrome app on iOS and Android support for the Physical Web has been removed. It is too early to say whether Google has temporarily suppressed it or […]

How to measure your beacon marketing campaign performance

Go creative with cards

You have done your research on proximity marketing and are sold on its enormous potential. But you now have questions like: where should I start, which technology should I adopt, how do I execute a successful proximity campaign, what parameters do I measure, what numbers are good enough and more… This blog post will address […]