The Best Post-Purchase Customer Experience Tools: A Complete List To Increase Customer Delight

post purchase customer experience

Looking to delight your customers for a memorable post-purchase customer experience? Here’s a comprehensive list of the best post-purchase customer engagement tools out there.

Revitalize Your CPG Brand By Building First-Party Data with QR Codes and NFC

With Google announcing their plan to phase out third-party cookies by 2022 completely, first-party data will be the go-to for brands henceforth. Read this blog post to know how CPG brands can build first-party data.

Reimagining consumer-good (CPG) brands in post-COVID times

Almost 20 years ago, when SARS infected 8,000 people in China, it helped catapult Alibaba Group into a global online retail giant

Today, with 4.18 million people affected with COVID-19 worldwide, forward-thinking CPG brands are preparing to flip the switch and go contactless