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How to run a proximity marketing campaign without an app

Very few in-store technologies have seen the kind of success that beacons have – 75% of the top 20 retailers in the U.S. have implemented beacons. And that’s because beacon technology delivers campaigns and enables personal communication when customers are in close proximity to the store.   Challenges with implementing proximity campaigns that require apps […]

11 Incredible beacon use cases from 2017 every marketer should know in 2018

beacon use cases 2018

In terms of revenue, the beacon technology market generated USD 519.6 Million in the year 2016. And according to the Grand View Research, it is expected to reach USD 58.7 Billion by 2025. This massive growth isn’t merely restricted to the number of beacons being deployed across the world – it proportionately reflects on the […]

6 Retail marketing strategies you should try in 2018

Experiential retail

Show of hands: Who else is tired of the term “retail apocalypse”? News of retail store closures filled the headlines in 2017. And the reasons were obvious – It’s really frustrating when sales go down or when you’re just not getting enough foot traffic. Marketing a retail storefront, when you have a host of online […]

Beaconstac Product Update: No more duplicate notifications for your campaigns!

Beacon notifications

Beaconstac beacons previously broadcasted both Nearby and Physical Web notifications, resulting in two notifications per beacon on Android. This won’t happen any longer. We have turned off Physical Web notifications on all beacons, in favour of the greater flexibility and outreach that Nearby offers. If you use an app such as PHY to receive Eddystone […]

What are the 4 highest converting proximity campaigns for holiday season 2017?

Beacons in holiday season

Six hundred and fifty-eight dollars – That’s how much customers spent during the holiday sale in 2016! That was up by 4% from 2015. Deloitte expects holiday sales to top $1 trillion between the months of November and January this year. This spike in customer activity is both an opportunity and a challenge for small […]