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11 Location-based mobile marketing FAQs you need to know

location-based marketing FAQ's

1. What is location-based marketing? Location-based services (LBS) use real-time geographical data from a mobile device to provide information, entertainment and security. Location-based marketing (LBM) is one of the location-based services. Location-based marketing is a direct marketing strategy that uses a device’s geo-data to alert the users about the offerings of businesses relevant to their […]

Proximity marketing in action at Collingwood’s annual street event

beacon-based Proximity marketing in Collingwood's street event

A street festival is conducted in the Downtown Collingwood every year. The organisers introduced proximity marketing using beacons to this annual art event. Each year’s festival has a different theme. This year’s theme is Collingwood history, and the event is conducted from May 19th to October 6th, 2018. As a part of the decoration, painted […]

Retail Marketing: 4 ways to boost impact of digital signage using beacons

Retail Digital Signage: 4 ways beacons can enhance its impact

Digital signages are replacing the legacy advertisement channels, such as printed ads by displaying attention grabbing multimedia content. These large-sized digital signages are currently used to capture the attention of visitors, engage with them in-store by playing relevant videos, and provide information about the product – colour choices, reviews and social media mentions. Not only […]

5 ways to promote your food delivery business with Bluetooth beacon marketing

Beacons and proximity marketing for food delivery business

We live in a world where, most of the time, people are either too busy to cook or too lazy to get dressed to go out and eat. This is why “Food Delivery Services” worldwide have generated an insane revenue of 121,848 million USD in 2018. Growing at a CAGR of 17.7%, the revenue is […]

How to generate leads using beacon technology

How to generate leads using beacon technology?

Lead generation is one of the most critical stages of marketing which is why businesses invest a lot in it. Despite splurging on many lead generation methods, some companies fail to achieve the expected results. This happens because of their scattered focus. Focusing on one effective approach is better than investing in a lot of […]