Calling app developers: Build mobile commerce apps with the MobStac iOS SDK


In the fast-moving mobile world, one thing is for certain: consumers have come to expect an app for everything. From reading the news, to finding the best restaurants, to shopping for apparel, smartphone users these days start with a search on the app store to find an app that will do exactly what they want. […]

Beacons: The Next Frontier for Consumer Engagement Ebook


Beacons, the low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages are all set to revolutionize the way people interact with public spaces. These devices give brands an opportunity to interact with customers not only at a store level but also to target narrowly at an aisle or […]

MobStac Launches CMXstac – a Cloud Platform Enabling Businesses to Engage Customers Through Wi-Fi-based, Indoor Location-aware Mobile Apps


Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference,  we are excited to launch CMXstac, a software platform on top of Cisco® CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences), that enables businesses to manage rules, messaging and gather data from their Wi-Fi-based, indoor location-aware mobile apps Cisco Live attendees will have an opportunity to see CMXstac in […]

Content Marketing Institute Feature: 4 Ways Visual Content can Enhance Your Ecommerce User Experience


In today’s ever-connected, increasingly social world, images and videos are fast becoming crucial elements of digital marketing. According to a recent Forbes report, brand engagement on Instagram, a social network that relies purely on visual content, has grown by an astounding 350 percent, year over year. [Tweet “How to leverage visual imagery to grab audience […]

Get Busy Media Feature: 6 Online Fashion Retailers Engaging Customers with Personalized Shopping Experiences


Right from the first site visit, to the purchase confirmation page, to an email that prompts a return visit – personalization emerges as a critical element that defines a customer lifecycle. In today’s age where retailers are trying their best to implement discovery­-led social shopping through personalized catalogs, mobile ­enhanced in­-store experiences, customer loyalty programs, […]

How Facebook’s Anonymous Login will Affect the Ecommerce Industry


Today it’s no secret that consumers are increasingly worried about their online privacy. A recent Pew Research study found that 50% of Internet users are worried about the number of key pieces of personal information such as email addresses, photos etc, that are easily accessible online. At Facebook’s recent F8 Conference in San Francisco, the […]

5 Best Practices for Designing a Perfect Mobile Commerce Call-to-action


According to a recent eMarketer report, mobile devices are expected to account for 25% of all e-commerce orders in U.S by 2017. As mobile becomes an important channel of revenue for retailers, optimizing your e-commerce websites for mobile has become of utmost importance. Especially when the call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your mobile shopping website play […]

5 Brands Embracing Their ‘Inner Nerd’ on Star Wars Day

5-brands-embracing-their-'Inner Nerd'-on-star-wars-day

In a day’s time, thousands of Star Wars fans in this galaxy and beyond, will be embracing the ‘inner nerd’ within them on one of the most important dates on the geek culture calendar – May the 4th. And if you haven’t worked it out yet, the date was chosen by fans as a homophonic […]

Internet Retailer Feature: How Location-based Services are Transforming the Retail Landscape


According to a recent study by Usablenet, 30% of U.S shoppers used a mobile phone while in a store to help with shopping. It is no surprise then that mobile channel is all set to be the fastest growing retail touchpoint among consumers. Merely offering e-commerce features on mobile, however, will not help you drive loyal […]

Hongkiat Feature: M-Commerce Tips for Designing a Better Shopping Experience

M-Commerce Tips for Designing a Better Shopping Experience

With annual retail sales of mobile and tablets expected to hit $707 billion by 2018, more and more consumers are now looking for a visually engaging online shopping experience. But whether it’s designing for varying screen sizes or offering a touch-friendly interface to consumers, mobile poses too many challenges to retailers. Designing and developing a […]