How to Launch an Eddystone Campaign from Scratch


Google recently announced Eddystone support on the Chrome browser for Android devices, which is a great step in bringing interaction with the Physical Web content and seamless mobile experiences to the Android smartphone user segment. The Physical Web is an open source approach to use the core superpower of the web – ‘Interaction on demand’. […]

Ebook: A Developer’s Guide to Building an iBeacon App

A Developer's Guide to Building an iBeacon App

If you are a developer trying to build an iBeacon app, chances are you have already run into one or more of the following issues: i) The app doesn’t know when it exits a region ii) The app exits a region, while you are still inside the region iii) Notifications are triggered multiple times even […]

How to Choose an iBeacon platform for your Beacon Project


2016 began with a whole lot of exciting news from the beacon world. Famous pharmacy chain Rite Aid went on to claim the title of the brand with the largest beacon installation in retail till date, after having deployed beacons in more than 4500 stores across the U.S. NRF 2016 saw Verifone announce to the […]

Asia’s First iBeacon Treasure Hunt powered by Beaconstac


Last month saw the implementation of the first iBeacon Treasure Hunt in Asia at Saarang 2016, one of the most popular college fests in India. The event was organized by Clozerr, a customer-retention app that makes use of iBeacon technology. Close to 30 Beaconstac beacons were deployed throughout the event venue (IIT-M campus in Chennai) […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your Beacon App


The rise of iBeacon technology was one of the major news stories of 2015. Nevertheless, near the end of 2015, many mainstream publications rushed to declare Apple’s iBeacon technology as a fad that couldn’t live up to its hype. This resulted in many business insiders stepping up to give insights on the real state of […]