[Webinar Slides] Your Guide to Planning a Successful Beacon Pilot


According to a recent Business Insider report, beacons could directly influence more than $4 billion of U.S. retail sales in 2015 – a number that will climb tenfold in 2016. Retail, however, isn’t the only sector that beacons have cast their spell on. Of recent businesses across various verticals are diving head first into the […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning your Beacon Project

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning your Beacon Project - Feature Image

Beacons have been generating buzz from the time they were introduced to the world at WWDC 2013. And while it may have taken businesses a little while to realize that iBeacon technology could be the answer to the increasing demand for contextual experiences – both online and offline, today it’s catching fire. This year began […]

Roadmap for a Beacon Project: How to Plan your Budget


According to the 2015 Store Operations Survey, an annual study comprising a survey of 100 retail executives by Retail TouchPoints, 29% of retailers already have beacons with 17% more planning to add beacons in their stores. This is not surprising, given that, there already are more than a million beacons in the marketplace and, this […]

[Webinar] Your Guide to Planning a Successful Beacon Pilot


[Webinar] Your Guide to Planning a Successful Beacon Pilot That beacons are taking the world of mobile by storm, is not news anymore. According to a recent ABI Research report titled BLE Tags: The Location of Things (LOT), beacon hardware shipments are predicted to top 400 Million units in 2020, while breaking U.S. $1 Billion […]

4 Beacon App Hacks that Retailers can Use


According to a recent report titled ‘BLE Tags: The Location of Things (LOT)’ from ABI Research, the total BLE Beacon shipments will comfortably exceed 400 million units in 2020. Adding on to that, the use of beacons at retail is predicted to be explosive over the next year or so, as merchants complete beacon trials, […]