How to measure your beacon marketing campaign performance

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You have done your research on proximity marketing and are sold on its enormous potential. But you now have questions like: where should I start, which technology should I adopt, how do I execute a successful proximity campaign, what parameters do I measure, what numbers are good enough and more… This blog post will address […]

5 Highly Effective Beacon Campaigns That Brands Can Learn From


2015 was arguably the best year for the proximity marketing industry yet. While majority of the beacon use cases that the industry and media talked about towards the beginning of 2015 were around retail, over the course of time this has changed. Today, beacons have impacted a number of verticals, right from museums to hospitals […]

How Casinos can use Beacons to Enhance Guest Experiences


It has been more than a year since Apple announced iBeacon, and today these devices have become the buzzword of the offline marketing world. So much so that, inspite of the recent surge of privacy and security concerns around iBeacon technology, many brands are fast realizing the fact that leveraging beacons can help them expand […]

How Beacons can help Transform Visitor Experience at Zoos and Theme Parks


Ever since Apple introduced iBeacon technology in the summer of 2013, there has been a lot of excitement over the opportunities of being able to reach out to customers long before they make their way to the retail store, restaurant, stadiums or museums. And now that almost any device, running on Android 4.3+ or iOS 7.1+, […]