How you can send Engaging Eddystone Notifications using Beaconstac


Ever since its introduction, beacons have been attracting the attention of marketers worldwide, largely due to the ease of providing consumers contextually relevant information, building relationships, and generating better returns. However, without this element of proximity, there would have been a huge compromise on the value-add factor of these notifications, as they would either be […]

[Webinar] Will Eddystone take on iBeacon in 2016?


Are you a retailer planning to leverage proximity marketing, but are caught in the wind between Eddystone and iBeacon? Are you excited about the potential that Eddystone beacons hold with respect to app-liberation, yet held back by the lack of any serious Eddystone deployments? Has Apple’s presence as the forerunner in the beacon market with […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your Beacon App


The rise of iBeacon technology was one of the major news stories of 2015. Nevertheless, near the end of 2015, many mainstream publications rushed to declare Apple’s iBeacon technology as a fad that couldn’t live up to its hype. This resulted in many business insiders stepping up to give insights on the real state of […]

5 Common Beacon Marketing Challenges you can Easily Solve


While the retail sector was the first to test beacons and and implement in-store marketing, over a period of time, marketers across various verticals, right from casinos to banks to restaurants have started to embrace iBeacon technology. In fact, beacons have become so popular that they are already moving out of the pilot phase to […]

How Android is catching up with Beacons


UPDATE: With Google’s support to Nearby services, all Android 4.4(Kitkat) or newer devices receive Beacon notifications. Apple subtly introduced iBeacon at WWDC 2013 and it has been full steam ahead ever since, as brands continue to leverage this technology to enhance in-store experience. Reaching out to shoppers where they can be most influenced is the holy […]

Samsung takes on Apple’s iBeacon world by Storm with Proximity Platform


Last week, at Samsung’s global developer conference 2014, the company unveiled its ambitious plan to enter the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location-based marketing sphere by launching its own location-based mobile marketing platform called Proximity. The platform allows brands and businesses to push rich context-aware content to customers and engage them better in order to propel […]