4 Interesting iBeacon Use cases You Need to Know

iBeacon technology’s application in multiple verticals is reaching new heights as is the number of beacons deployed globally. According to reports, 5 million out of 6.2 million proximity sensors deployed globally this year are beacons.This number is on track to reach 8 million beacons by the end of 2016, with a steady growth to 400 […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for Asset Tracking at your Warehouse using Beaconstac


ABI Research lately asserted that there is a “huge opportunity” for beacons in an array of non-retail verticals, such as smart homes, vending machines, enterprises, and so on. ABI analyst Patrick Connolly reinstated the same by stating that many of these markets are forecasted to deploy BLE Beacons in much larger volumes than retail“. One […]