India’s first Beacon App Hack Day ends on a high note


20 geeks. 12 hours. 10 apps. – India’s first Beacon app hack day was sure a phenomenal success! I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to know how India’s first Beacon App Hack Day turned out. Well, true to all the anticipation and hype surrounding it, the hackathon was truly a […]

India’s first Beacon App Hack day – We are excited! Are you?

India's first Beacon App Hack Day - We are excited

So, everybody is talking about India’s first Beacon App Hack Day? And you sure have heard about it? Wait, haven’t you yet? Here is your final chance to learn about the hack day! If you don’t read further, you don’t know what you are about to miss! A once in a lifetime opportunity (bragging am […]

Calling all iOS developers to India’s first Beacon app Hackday – Geek out on beacons


Are you a passionate iOS developer eager to solve real world problems using beacons? Come, spend your day learning and building amazing location-enabled apps with us. Beacons bring the power of Internet to everyday things and the opportunities provided by these tiny Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices are endless. MobStac offers you an opportunity to […]