4 Best Beacon Marketing Campaign Ideas Brands Should Try in 2016


According to a recent Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) study, 66% of marketers agreed that location-based advertising is the ‘most exciting’ mobile opportunity for 2016. And it goes without saying that a significant part of this opportunity lies in beacon marketing. According to reports beacons have helped brands increase their in-store mobile app usage by 16.5 […]

5 Highly Effective Beacon Campaigns That Brands Can Learn From


2015 was arguably the best year for the proximity marketing industry yet. While majority of the beacon use cases that the industry and media talked about towards the beginning of 2015 were around retail, over the course of time this has changed. Today, beacons have impacted a number of verticals, right from museums to hospitals […]

5 Ways Large Tech Events like CES 2016 can use Beacons


Coming January 6th, the eyes of the tech industry will be firmly fixed on Las Vegas as the 49th Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gears up to start off 2016 with a bang. Though CES’s history is littered with products that have flopped or been slow to take off, this grand-scale exhibition of the near future […]

Best of Beacons This Week: Mesh Networking to strengthen the case of Bluetooth as a powerful IoT technology


We are back with our latest roundup of must-read posts on beacons.  This week’s compilation is packed with super insightful, informative nuggets right from how Bluetooth Special Internet Group (SIG) plans to use mesh networking to strengthen the case of Bluetooth as a powerful IoT technology to how SXSW plans to leverage beacons to enhance […]