Coffee shop marketing strategy (Eddystone beacons) that costs less than $50 a month

Coffee shop marketing strategy (Eddystone beacons)

First, how do you attract new customers to your coffee shop beyond the people that just walk by or are already familiar with your shop? A good location, unique and friendly ambience, and of course great coffee is a good start, but considering that anyone can get coffee anywhere, even online sometimes, is this enough? […]

How the Real Estate industry is using beacons

Real estate industry using beacons vs sale signs

Real estate is one of those transforming industries that has recently picked up great interest in beacon-based marketing for boosting customer experience. With increasing blindness towards billboards and sale signs, realtors and marketers have to switch to alternate ways of delivering information to prospects. What better than delivering information on smartphones! A recent survey from […]

Beacons to supercharge your bar & restaurant marketing strategy

Beacons are used in bars and restaurants to enhance the experience

Editor’s Note: As we navigate through the pandemic, re-opening restaurants is complicated. If your restaurant has an app, you can use beacons to trigger a contactless ordering experience. However, if you don’t have one, use menu QR Codes, which do not require an app. Diners can scan these QR Codes to view the digital menu […]

Powerful Beacon use cases from September!

Beacon uses cases for Retail - Ted Bakers, a global fashion retailer brings mannequins to life with iBeacon technology

Interested in beacons? Looking for interesting beacon use cases for your industry? Like every other month, yet again, I am in awe of the creativity and intelligence of marketers and business owners with beacons! I’ve got a power-puffed lineup of real beacon use cases from around the world – from retail sector bringing mannequins to […]

3 Unique Beacon Use Cases: Breaking the Internet of Things (IoT) Barrier


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining a lot of traction ever since it has been labeled as ‘the next Industrial Revolution’ by industry experts. And many industry verticals are heavily investing in IoT solutions too. IoT is undoubtedly fast driving innovation and new opportunities by bringing every object, consumer, and activity into the […]

[Webinar Slides] Will Eddystone take on iBeacon in 2016?


According to recent Global Location Trends Report, year 2016 will see an undeniable rise in the growth of location-based technologies with 41% of marketers set to invest in beacons. One of the other key takeaways from the report is that strategies with strong physical context components will be at the forefront of brands’ minds this […]

Infographic: iBeacon Technology – Connecting physical and digital worlds


According to a recent study by Google, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase decision while in a store. This provides brands a great opportunity to deliver contextually relevant messages while the purchase intent is high.  iBeacon technology is the medium to do just that and more. An increasing number of industries besides retail like […]

Getting started with Beacon Campaigns? Common Pitfalls you should avoid


Though beacons are popularly touted as a retailer-focused opportunity, of late marketers across various verticals, such as stadiums, airports, malls, casinos etc, are betting on iBeacon technology to help enhance customer experience. According to a recent Adobe research, 18% of marketers are reported to be actively testing and deploying beacons, and the numbers are expected […]

How Airlines can use Beacons to Enhance Travel Experience

How Airlines can use Beacons to Enhance Travel Experience_Main-Feature-Image

The out-of-home, unfamiliar nature of travel has made mobile phone connectivity a must-have for travellers, especially when they need information the most. Beacons, the latest buzz in the industry, have triggered a new wave of initiatives aimed at bringing the vision of a personalized air travel experience closer.These small BLE devices coupled with connected mobile […]