Beacons to supercharge your bar & restaurant marketing strategy

Beacons are used in bars and restaurants to enhance the experience

Location-based marketing that promised to leverage online platforms to promote physical restaurants and bars, began with “check-ins”.  It all started with Foursquare giving the initial kick. Quickly catching the fire was Facebook Places, Google Places, Yelp and more. Back then it was truly a cool idea for marketers and owners to know who is in […]

Powerful Beacon use cases from September!

Beacon uses cases for Retail - Ted Bakers, a global fashion retailer brings mannequins to life with iBeacon technology

Interested in beacons? Looking for interesting beacon use cases for your industry? Like every other month, yet again, I am in awe of the creativity and intelligence of marketers and business owners with beacons! I’ve got a power-puffed lineup of real beacon use cases from around the world – from retail sector bringing mannequins to […]

5 Best iBeacon Apps that are Breaking New Ground


2015 has seen a big rise in the number of iBeacon apps. Gone are the days when beacons were underleveraged and used only for loyalty programs and couponing, predominantly in the retail sector. Today, proximity marketing tools like bluetooth beacons are helping deliver enhanced experiences to customers and businesses alike, across diverse industries and verticals. […]