Product update: Beaconstac’s Eddystone dashboard gets a refresh!

Eddystone dashboard gets a refresh

A complete guide to the new Beaconstac Eddystone dashboard Last year, around this time we told how you could upgrade from iBeacon to Eddystone and send proximity-based messages to visitors via the Google Chrome app. Today, with lots of feedback and new ideas from you, we’re refreshing our Eddystone dashboard and making it feel lighter, […]

Best of Beacons this Week: The Regent Street beacon app yields in-store results and more


We are back with this week’s best of beacons post. In this feature, we will cover some interesting news and updates, right from how MTR Crossrail is leveraging beacons to make an efficient rail service system to an interesting post on how beacons are fast reshaping retail spaces like the Regent Street. So, sit back […]