Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Cinemas using Beaconstac


In their efforts to boost customer loyalty programs by turning a one-time ticket buyer into a repeat buyer, cinemas and movie theater chains, of recent, have been constantly looking to leverage hyperlocal mobile technology. And no other business set up can provide entertainment brands and film studios with as huge an opportunity to do the […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Google’s Eddystone – Is it For Real or Just a Fad?


Our roundup this week is packed with informative nuggets and insights, right from what Google’s Eddystone means for businesses deploying beacons already, to how cinemas can use iBeacon technology to bring the thrill back to the movie experience. So sit back, sip a cup of coffee and check out the stories we have lined up […]

How Beacons can take the Cinema Experience to the next level


When it comes to driving the buzz around an upcoming movie release or selling movie tickets before a movie premiere, film studios and entertainment marketers have always been quick to move into the mobile sphere. And this trend was clearly based on the spike in interest among today’s moviegoers to watch new movie trailers on […]