Beacons to supercharge your bar & restaurant marketing strategy

Beacons are used in bars and restaurants to enhance the experience

Editor’s Note: As we navigate through the pandemic, re-opening restaurants is complicated. If your restaurant has an app, you can use beacons to trigger a contactless ordering experience. However, if you don’t have one, use menu QR Codes, which do not require an app. Diners can scan these QR Codes to view the digital menu […]

Beacon use cases in car dealerships

Car dealerships using Beacons

Christopher, all enthusiastic to buy his first-ever luxury car, was standing in front of the Audi Q2 in a busy store. It was a busy day at the dealership and no salesperson was able to attend to Christopher. But boom, Christopher still received all the relevant specs and information about the car, on his phone. […]

How Beacons can take the Cinema Experience to the next level


When it comes to driving the buzz around an upcoming movie release or selling movie tickets before a movie premiere, film studios and entertainment marketers have always been quick to move into the mobile sphere. And this trend was clearly based on the spike in interest among today’s moviegoers to watch new movie trailers on […]

How Retailers can Boost Sales through Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising using Beacons


From big brands to small scale businesses, mobile has today become a critical part of the marketing mix for businesses all over the world. According to a recent eMarketer study, mobile will account for 51% of the total digital ad market worldwide, by 2016. Mobile ads on smartphones and tablets are already having a growing […]

Beacons and Big Data: The new ‘Power Couple’ in Retail

Feature Image_Beacons and Big Data_The new Power Couple in Retail

I am sure you have  heard about the famous ‘beer and diapers’ example in which Walmart learned that the two products were often bought together. They came to this conclusion after analyzing data from in-store purchases. This story dates back to 1992, making it clear that retailers have, from a very long time, been aware […]

4 Tips to Kickstart your Proximity Marketing Campaign


At the recent ‘Mobile Outlook 2015: Up, Down or Flat?’ webinar, industry experts strongly agreed that marketing strategies will beat out tactics for marketers in 2015. Experts also gave confident nods to the fact that the key to successful mobile executions lies in knowing your audience and gaining deep insights into their behavior. This is […]

How Casinos can use Beacons to Enhance Guest Experiences


It has been more than a year since Apple announced iBeacon, and today these devices have become the buzzword of the offline marketing world. So much so that, inspite of the recent surge of privacy and security concerns around iBeacon technology, many brands are fast realizing the fact that leveraging beacons can help them expand […]

Are Beacon Networks the best way to Kickstart your Beacon Strategy?


Beacons continue to make waves in the mobile space this holiday season. According to a recent study by Swirl, a mobile marketing company, 73% of consumers reported to have agreed that they are more likely to purchase from a store that sends beacon-triggered content and offers. Contrary to common public opinion that most consumers consider […]

Ebook: How to keep your Customers Happy using Beacons


With holiday shopping season just around the corner, many large retail chains are all set to leverage beacons to grant shoppers a memorable shopping experience. The recent rollout of 4000 beacons across 786 stores of Macy’s in the U.S, is a perfect example of how much retailers are banking on beacons to re-define in-store customer […]

How Beacon-enabled apps is the way to get more customers this Black Friday

How Beacon-enabled apps is the way to get more customers this Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again – where shoppers are eagerly waiting for brands to announce their ‘Black Friday’ deals and offers. Macy’s has already announced that its ‘Black Friday’ shopping time actually begins at 6pm, Thanksgiving day. Opening stores earlier than others is not the only thing brands will be doing to grab […]