Creating an Eddystone Campaign to Measure the Offline Attribution of a Google AdWords Campaign


It is one thing to think your campaign worked, and another to know it. Ask any marketer out there and he/she would agree that data-driven marketing has been a major boon in this front as it helps measure and track the scope of opportunities via digital efforts. So much so that, it often outpaces traditional […]

Creating an Eddystone Campaign to Drive App Installs via Nearby Notifications


It goes without saying that acquiring mobile app installs is one of the most daunting tasks that modern marketers face in this digital age. In fact, while consumers tend to spend 90% of their mobile media time on mobile apps, a typical US smartphone owner uses an average of only 27 apps per month. All […]

Eddystone Kit FAQs: Everything you need to know about Beaconstac’s Eddy Kit

Beaconstac Eddy Kit FAQs

Google entered the beacon space in July 2015, two years after Apple, by designing their own beacon protocol called Eddystone. This started a wave of new exciting developments in the beacon space, as it received the much needed push from Google. You ask how? Well, Google played a masterstroke on various fronts by introducing Eddystone: I. […]

[Webinar] The A to Z of Planning Your First Eddystone Beacon Pilot


Unless you have been living under a rock on the face of earth, chances are that you have already heard about Google’s Eddystone beacons. The Internet of Things initiative is a competitor to Apple’s iBeacon, but it ups the ante by working on both Android and iOS and offering a wider selection of data payloads. […]

Why your Business should choose Eddystone beacons over iBeacon


Year 2016 is off to a great start for the beacon industry with Google having announced Chrome support on Android for Eddystone beacons. You ask why? – well, for one Android makes up 80% of the smartphone market. And the release of Chrome support on Android for Eddystone enables 800 million additional users to seamlessly […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Pizza Hut installs Bluetooth beacons at 1,471 locations in China and more

We are back with another issue of ‘Best of Beacons this Week’. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, including how Pizza Hut installed beacons across 1471 locations, to why Wi-Fi and beacons can work together to deliver great experiences, and more. So sit back, sip a cup of coffee […]

Eddystone Beacons: A detailed guide to setting up Eddystone campaigns

Eddystone beacons_Everything you need to know

UPDATE 1: Chrome removes Physical Web support on iOS and Android. UPDATE 2: The Beacons notifications are now supported by Google’s own nearby services, which are active by default on all Android 4.4(KitKat) or newer devices. UPDATE 3: Android has shut down Google Nearby and all smartphones now require an app to receive beacon notifications. We […]