[Webinar Slides] The A to Z of Planning Your First Eddystone Beacon Pilot


According to Q1 2016 Proxbook Report, 45% of the top proximity companies support Eddystone up from 25% in Q3 2015. This is not surprising given the pace at which Google has been announcing updates on the Eddystone front since the beginning of this year. While Google kicked off year 2016 to a great start by […]

Announcing Beaconstac Eddy Kit : Launch your First Beacon Campaign in 15 minutes


Few marketing techniques have kindled the kind of excitement and buzz that beacon technology has, in businesses all over the world. However, in spite of all the hype around it, one factor that has prevented widespread adoption of beacons among business (SMBs in particular) is the need to have an app that can communicate with […]