10 Diverse Industries that can Leverage the Physical Web in Interesting Ways


Anchored on the premise of bringing the core power of the web to objects in the physical world, Eddystone beacons and the Physical Web hold significant promise for not only proximity marketers, but also many diverse industries and verticals. The Physical Web allows businesses, both big and small to deliver the most relevant, contextual mobile […]

Eddystone Beacons at Events: 5 Campaign Ideas that Every Event can use


Events today, be it sporting events, music festivals or tech conferences, heavily rely on technology to offer enhanced experiences in order to not only drive event attendance but also popularity and event success. Among the gamut of technologies available, a key focus area is mobile. In fact, according to CrowdCompass, 86% of planners will have […]

Top 12 Industries that Beacons will Disrupt in 2016


With the growth of mobile devices, more and more people are turning to their smartphones to fulfill a host of everyday needs. This is where apps supported with smart technologies like iBeacon really help in enhancing experiences. Keeping this in mind, iBeacon technology is being leveraged across an array of industries today, from hotels to […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for Your Workplace Using Beaconstac


Beacons are among the latest technology innovations that workplaces are harnessing for increased productivity and efficiency. Beacons in workplaces can be used to optimise multiple processes, from employee time tracking to floor navigation. Our earlier post on beacons in the workplace covers a wide range of beacon enabled solutions for offices. In this post we […]

Roadmap for a Beacon Project: How to Plan your Budget


According to the 2015 Store Operations Survey, an annual study comprising a survey of 100 retail executives by Retail TouchPoints, 29% of retailers already have beacons with 17% more planning to add beacons in their stores. This is not surprising, given that, there already are more than a million beacons in the marketplace and, this […]

6 iBeacon Campaign Ideas You Should Steal


According to a recent ABI Research report titled BLE Tags: The Location of Things (LOT), BLE beacons are proliferating at a great rate, with beacon hardware shipments predicted to  top 400 Million units in 2020, while breaking U.S. $1 Billion in revenue. One of the major driving factors behind this is the huge demand among […]

Best of Beacons this Week: iBeacon tech at Cannes Lions 2015 helps Attendees Network better, and more


Our roundup this week is packed with informative nuggets and insights, right from how Cannes Lion 2015 is leveraging beacons to help people network to how retailers can boost sales through hyperlocal mobile advertising. So sit back, sip a cup of coffee and check out the stories we have lined up for you. 1. Four Ways […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Beacons to Usher in Intelligent Retargeting and more


Image Source: thedrum.com We are back with our latest roundup of must-read posts on beacons. This week’s compilation is packed with super insightful, not to mention actionable content on how beacons can help brands retarget consumers online, based on offline behaviour; what are Groupon’s plans with Proximity Marketing, an interesting beacon case study on Bonnaroo […]

Ebook: How to keep your Customers Happy using Beacons


With holiday shopping season just around the corner, many large retail chains are all set to leverage beacons to grant shoppers a memorable shopping experience. The recent rollout of 4000 beacons across 786 stores of Macy’s in the U.S, is a perfect example of how much retailers are banking on beacons to re-define in-store customer […]