Best of Beacons this Week: Beacons to result in $4 Billion worth of US Retail Sales in 2015 and more


How can marketers make the most of beacon-powered retail strategies? How can museums use beacons to retrieve visitor insights that help make informed decisions on interactivity enhancement? Why do experts think that Facebook’s move into proximity marketing could implicate ground changing results for brands? Our latest beacon roundup answers these questions and more. So read […]

3 Ways Brands can Benefit from Facebook Beacons


Businesses today are up against a rising tide of change and challenges, all driven by technology, with many struggling to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and competition from disruptive innovators. In fact, today’s consumers consider being connected as a crucial utility and expect almost all facets of their shopping  experience be accessible to them through […]

5 ways Marketers can fight back Facebook’s News Feed change


For years, Facebook and its popular Pages platform have been the cornerstone of social-media marketing strategies for most brands. Infact, Adobe’s ‘Q1 2014 Social Intelligence Report’ also indicates that Facebook continues to dominate the social realm today. In an effort to give their users a seamless and enhanced user experience, they recently made updates to […]