Top 10 Reasons Your Business Should Choose Eddystone over iBeacon


Location intelligence has become important for both individuals and enterprises in today’s hyper connected world. From using location data to hail the nearest cab to tracking employee attendance through proximity sensors, location information has practically become ubiquitous. Among the host of location-based technologies, Apple’s iBeacon technology, and Google’s Eddystone beacon protocol are proving to be […]

Eddystone vs Physical Web vs iBeacon: Why Eddystone will Rule the Beacon Space


Proximity technologies and solutions have been attracting the attention of marketers, businesses and investors alike for the past few years and this interest has only been growing. This enthusiasm in the proximity market can be attributed to the pace at which the industry has been growing. Today, there are a wide range of proximity solutions […]

Ebook: A Developer’s Guide to Building an iBeacon App

A Developer's Guide to Building an iBeacon App

If you are a developer trying to build an iBeacon app, chances are you have already run into one or more of the following issues: i) The app doesn’t know when it exits a region ii) The app exits a region, while you are still inside the region iii) Notifications are triggered multiple times even […]

Announcing Eddystone Compliant Beacons and the BeaconStone App


We are excited to announce that our beacons are now Eddystone compliant! Starting this week, we are shipping Eddystone compliant beacons to anyone who places an order for a Beaconstac kit. To give you a quick preview of Eddystone, it’s the new beacon format Google announced in July this year. It is cross-platform and is […]

Eddystone Beacons: A detailed guide to setting up Eddystone campaigns

Eddystone beacons_Everything you need to know

UPDATE 1: Chrome removes Physical Web support on iOS and Android. UPDATE 2: The Beacons notifications are now supported by Google’s own nearby services, which are active by default on all Android 4.4(KitKat) or newer devices. UPDATE 3: Android has shut down Google Nearby and all smartphones now require an app to receive beacon notifications. We […]

Ebook: The Definitive Guide to Beacon Pilots


  The demand for contextually relevant experiences – both online and offline – has tremendously increased over the last few years. iBeacon technology presents an amazing opportunity for businesses across verticals to create location-aware messaging and engage with their audience at the right time. An increasing number of industries are now investing in beacon pilots to enhance […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Coffee Shop using Beaconstac


Editor’s Note – Keep your coffee shop safe with contactless solutions and convert your paper menu into a digital menu with QR Codes. As a coffee shop owner, you not only need to find new customers but also need to find new ways to increase sales to your current customers. Beacons are a great way […]

3 Critical Components of your iBeacon Retail Strategy


Beacons, with their proximity detection capabilities can help you engage consumers of today by delivering services and information, based on the contextual needs of your consumers. They also allow retailers to measure various metrics along the lines of loyalty, customer engagement etc., and gain insights on how consumers are interacting with ‘offline’ brand environments. Therefore […]

Introducing the Beaconstac app – Watch Beacons in Action!


Although the whole world is excited to see, learn and understand beacons, very few have actually seen a beacon and an app work together. We got a lot of questions about how beacons work in a real-world scenario and how the Beaconstac platform can be used to trigger proximity messages. So, we built our Beaconstac […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for an Event using Beaconstac


Event organisers are always on the lookout to enhance attendee experience in new and interesting ways. Beacons provide event managers an opportunity to engage with attendees as well as personalise their conference experience. You can use beacons to streamline the registration process, collect session feedback, help attendees navigate through the venue and a lot more. […]