Bringing Beaconstac to Xamarin Developers


Over the past 2 decades of computing, one thing has been evident: technology’s charge into new arenas has almost always been led by developers. Going by the hundreds of thousands of apps on iOS & Android, what your smartphone can do today (think about posting pictures, flagging a cab, or messaging your friends halfway around […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Retail Store with Beaconstac


Blue and Black or White and Gold, let the mannequin tell you what color the dress is! Last year saw a lot of leading retailers such as House of Fraser and Bentalls install beacon-enabled mannequins in their store. These mannequins detect when a user is closeby (in-store or looking at a window display) and provides […]

India’s first Beacon App Hack Day ends on a high note


20 geeks. 12 hours. 10 apps. – India’s first Beacon app hack day was sure a phenomenal success! I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to know how India’s first Beacon App Hack Day turned out. Well, true to all the anticipation and hype surrounding it, the hackathon was truly a […]

5 Factors to consider before Beacon Deployment


Of recent there has been a substantial buzz around beacons. Up to now brands have mostly positioned their location-based marketing techniques around Wi-Fi and geo-fences, but a shift is occurring. Beacons, with their ability to identify ambient context, have got marketers across a wide array of verticals ranging from stadiums to theme parks and everything […]

Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon) Technology


Indoor location technology has created a lot of buzz by opening up a realm of opportunities for businesses and consumers to communicate with each other and with things around them. A year back, retailers were busy trying to leverage Wi-Fi to gain insights on consumer behaviour in great detail. The recent widespread adoption of iBeacon […]

Developing a Beacon app – What to keep in mind


iBeacon is the most talked about new technology and one of biggest buzzwords in recent times.Yet, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. Among all the frenzy around this technology, there is a lot of ambiguity about how beacons work, the limitations posed by them, the security concerns around them etc. We have tried […]

Infographic: Why Beacons are the Future of Customer Engagement


By the end of 2014, there will be 30,000 active beacons in the U.S. With an increasing number of shoppers using their smartphones in-store to compare and get the best deal, retailers are turning to beacons to blend mobile and in-store shopping and create an experience that delights customers. How do beacons accomplish that? Beacons help retailers target […]

How Beacons can help Malls offer Compelling Shopping Experiences


According to the 2014 Mobile Media Consumption Report by InMobi, mobile commerce has already seen a 15% increase this year, and states that 83% of consumers are planning to involve themselves in mobile commerce in the coming year. With more and more brands coming up with intuitively designed apps and features such as ‘order online’ […]

Marketing with Beacons: 10 Tips to make the most of it

Marketing with iBeacons_10 Tips to make the most of it

Beacons are essentially ‘GPS for indoors’, which allow for proximity-based personalised notifications and alerts. In retail stores, customers can be prompted according to their location, so that promotion and offers can be targeted with greater precision. It is one of the most exciting technological inventions to hit consumer retail in the last few years, and […]

How Beacons can Transform Event Management and Trade Shows


Beacons have captivated the attention of tech media world over. With the recent deployment of these low-cost devices by retailers such as Macy’s, Apple Stores and sports venues such as Major League Baseball stadium, Oracle Arena etc., beacon technology has stimulated the appetite of event marketers too. For years, event organizers have pursued new ways […]