Beacons in 2016: What to Expect from iBeacon, Eddystone and more


With close to about 4 Million beacons deployed globally, 2015 was arguably the best year for proximity marketing yet. And going by the latest numbers from Proxbook’s Q4 2015 Report, the industry is well on track to deploy 400 Million beacons by 2020. And what is all the more exciting is that, while most of […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Library using Beaconstac


Libraries today are unique, integrated learning centres that not only have a wide collection of books and online resources but also serve as venues for informative workshops. Given the sheer scale of resources and operations, technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining a successful library. iBeacon is one such technology, that is hugely transforming experiences […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Supermarket using Beaconstac


Unacast, which operates a network of beacon and proximity data, recently released its Q4 Proxbook report that reveals a staggering 52% growth in the number of beacons deployed in the past quarter. We have seen a number of large-scale beacon deployments that would corroborate such a figure. One of the top retail marketing strategies for […]

Retail’s Big Show 2016 – Key Takeaways from NRF


Retail’s Big Show, 2016 – National Retail Federation (NRF), just wrapped up one of the biggest and the most interesting retail shows of the year. From the latest buzz on technology innovations to expert talks on future transformations, the NRF highlighted the top retail trends to look forward to. In this blog, we bring you […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Rite Aid installs Bluetooth Beacons in over 4,500 US Stores and more


We are back with another power-packed issue of ‘Best of Beacons this Week’ as we celebrate the beginning of 2016. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, right from news of the large-scale beacon deployment by Rite Aid, to information about a new technology called Li-Fi, and a vital report […]

[Webinar Slides + FAQS]: How Brands can Succeed with Beacons in 2016


According to Streetfight, 2016 will be the year of the beacon. Not surprising, given that 85% of retailers are predicted to leverage iBeacon technology by the end of this year. Adding on to that, of late, there has been tremendous increase in the demand for contextually relevant experiences. 89% of consumers said that they are […]

iBeacon vs Eddystone: Which one works better for your Pilot Project?


Google entered the beacon space when it launched Eddystone in July 2015, two years after Apple introduced iBeacon technology. In the presence of the two giants, Apple and Google, this relatively new technology saw a lot of traction. Businesses started identifying opportunities to leverage innovative application scope of bluetooth beacons and beacon-enabled app development to […]

Li-Fi vs iBeacon (BLE) Technology


Of recent, Li-Fi has been a buzzword, given the claims of it being 100 times faster thanWi-Fi and something that could possibly revolutionise IoT. While the technology is still in its trial stage, businesses and technology experts are eagerly comparing it with other location based technologies like iBeacon. Meanwhile, they are also busy exploring various […]

Creating an iBeacon Scavenger Hunt at your Event Using Beaconstac


Last week, the eyes of the tech world were fixed at CES 2016 as thousands of companies including big players and startups such as Withings, Blocks and Double Robotics etc., were competing against each other for the tantalizing next big thing title. In their effort to make the event more engaging, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Stadium using Beaconstac


With the latest investment spurt visible in the sports industry for leveraging iBeacon technology, it is evident that sports venue owners and sports team sponsors are tapping into beacon’s micro-location capabilities to deliver specifically targeted personalized messages, alerts, services, and more on smart devices. In our earlier blog posts, we have already explored the ways […]