CMO Feature: Retail Marketing Strategies For 2016


The retail space has witnessed significant innovation over the past few years. From interactive displays and cashless payments to beacons sending in-store offers–and much more–retail is undergoing a major overhaul and a welcome change from age-old strategies. With the emergence of new technologies, such as iBeacon, visual search, wearable technology, and augmented reality, digital and […]

The iBeacon Revolution: Is it for Real or Just Hype?


iBeacon technology has been a topic of prime focus ever since its launch by Apple in 2013. Its mere association with the Apple brand set the expectations high, before the technology could even evolve. Now within a span of two years, beacons have already created a niche space for themselves in a highly competitive market […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for Your Workplace Using Beaconstac


Beacons are among the latest technology innovations that workplaces are harnessing for increased productivity and efficiency. Beacons in workplaces can be used to optimise multiple processes, from employee time tracking to floor navigation. Our earlier post on beacons in the workplace covers a wide range of beacon enabled solutions for offices. In this post we […]

Wi-Fi meets iBeacon Technology: Merging the right IoT devices for growth


In most big brands, two of the most important location-based technologies, Wi-Fi and iBeacon are working together to drive IoT growth.  With an array of location-based technologies (NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE) available, both consumers and businesses are facing an urgent need to identify the distinguishable features of these technologies. Many comparative studies such as iBeacon […]

How Beacons are Transforming the Travel Industry


iBeacon technology has witnessed adoption across diverse domains, from retail to education to museums, over the past few years. Although the retail industry has been the frontrunner in deploying beacon projects, the tourism industry has also seen significant transformation by leveraging beacons. Why are beacons of great value in tourism? Given the hyper-local and contextual capabilities […]

5 Beacon Solutions Driving Change in Mobile Payments


iBeacon technology is fast gaining momentum and paving the way for efficient and seamless solutions across multiple domains today. Beacons are being used in almost every sector, from retail to events to education, to build and improve multiple solutions from indoor navigation to loyalty programs to pushing contextual notifications. One of the latest applications of […]

Your Retail Guide to the 2015 Holiday Season


While the holidays may still be a month away, the holiday shopping season is already well underway for millions of Americans. Few weeks back, an article on CNBC reported that, tons of customers started holiday shopping before Labour Day. According to a recent survey by over the Labor Day weekend, about 32 million Americans […]

Eight Things Not To Do When Running an iBeacon Campaign


Marketers today are fast shifting from thinking in terms of channels and audiences to thinking about sending personalized messages to customers, each with their own preferences, personal history with the brand and unique value to the brand. Experts predict that this shift will cause platforms that can deliver personalized creative at scale to  become critical […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Target Launches Beacon Test In 50 Stores and more


  Our roundup this week is packed with informative nuggets and insights, right from how Target plans to use beacons across 50 of its stores, to how travellers can get a better experience at the JFK airport and more. So sit back, sip a cup of coffee and check out the stories we have lined […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Google’s Eddystone – Is it For Real or Just a Fad?


Our roundup this week is packed with informative nuggets and insights, right from what Google’s Eddystone means for businesses deploying beacons already, to how cinemas can use iBeacon technology to bring the thrill back to the movie experience. So sit back, sip a cup of coffee and check out the stories we have lined up […]