A step by step Guide for Businesses to Succeed with Beacons

Feature Image_A step by step guide for businesses to succeed with beacons

Given the attention beacons have been gathering these days, it can safely be said that these tiny devices are bridging the online and offline worlds like no other technical advancement has, in recent years. Businesses spanning across various industry verticals have stood up and taken notice of iBeacon technology and are increasingly adopting it. Museums, hotels, […]

3 Museums using Beacons to Enhance Interactivity

3 Museums using Beacons to Enhance Interactivity

Beacons offer museums an opportunity to provide context to visitors like never before. With beacons, an app can sense exactly where in the museum a guest is and provide relevant information. Instead of searching through an audio tour for the right section, the visitor can instantly watch a video highlighting the artist’s life on his/her […]

How to get started with your iBeacon trial

How to get started with your iBeacon trial

Beacons, as we all know have been the most talked about devices in recent years. Year 2014 saw a lots of ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ as far as beacon implementations are concerned. There has been a lot of hype about what these devices are capable of and how businesses can use them to enhance customer experience […]

[Webinar] How to Deploy and Manage a Fleet of Beacons


Beacons are fast gaining steam as the newest tool in a business’ repertoire to introduce micro-location based messaging and personalized content to indoor as well as outdoor locations.The terms ‘Beacons’ and ‘iBeacon’ are often confused with each other and used interchangeably. You could refer to our Beacon FAQs blog to understand these terms better. With […]

Umbel Feature: Beacons and Big Data: A Powerful Pair for Retail

Umbel Blog Feature Beacons and Big Data

Beacons and Big data are the latest buzzwords everywhere. Is it possible to use these together efficiently ? If yes, then how? And to what effect? We all know about beacons. Every industry vertical right from retail to hotels, museums, theme parks and airports to stadiums etc., is looking to deploy beacons. Businesses are fast realizing […]

How Airlines can use Beacons to Enhance Travel Experience

How Airlines can use Beacons to Enhance Travel Experience_Main-Feature-Image

The out-of-home, unfamiliar nature of travel has made mobile phone connectivity a must-have for travellers, especially when they need information the most. Beacons, the latest buzz in the industry, have triggered a new wave of initiatives aimed at bringing the vision of a personalized air travel experience closer.These small BLE devices coupled with connected mobile […]

Beacons: The Next Frontier for Consumer Engagement Ebook


Beacons, the low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages are all set to revolutionize the way people interact with public spaces. These devices give brands an opportunity to interact with customers not only at a store level but also to target narrowly at an aisle or […]