Why an App Strategy is the most Important part of your Beacon Strategy


Most of our client conversations start with “How do I beacon-enable my app?” or, “Do I really need an app?” While the answers to these are pretty simple, what is interesting is the conversation that ensues. Initially, we thought of these as one-off cases, but over time we have realised that a lot of businesses […]

[Webinar Slides] How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app


While we’ve heard of beacons being mentioned everywhere, a lot is left to imagination where actual implementations on the field are concerned. To start with, a lot of us are yet to understand that the terms beacons and iBeacon are totally different from one another. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg! When it […]

[Webinar] How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

iBeacon, the most revolutionary new technology of recent times has been in the limelight for more than a year now. There has been so much hype around beacons and iBeacon technology that year 2014 can be christened the ‘Year of beacons’. What makes these tiny beacons sell like hot cakes? And why are marketers around […]