Best of Beacons this Week: Airside Mobile to use Google Nearby to fuel app adoption, and more


Do you know how retailers can employ beacons to enhance the local search of their store? How Coca-Cola plans to use beacons with its vending machines or, how Airside Mobile plans to employ Google Nearby to fuel app adoption? Our latest beacon roundup aims to answer all the above questions, plus a bit more. Dig into […]

5 Ways Retailers can leverage Beacons to Enhance Local Search

How Beacons will Impact your Retail Store's Local Search

While beacons were initially popularised as a retail-marketing tool that allowed retailers to target customers with coupons, of late they have started playing a critical role in location-based marketing. With the latest updates to Eddystone, the release of Eddystone Ephemeral Identifier (EID) and launch of Android Instant Apps and Google Nearby, Google is fast shaping […]