Beacons or Geofencing or Both? 3 Brands Killing it with this Lethal Combination


Editor’s Note: This blog was updated on July 9, 2019 to reflect all the latest changes in the proximity marketing market. Over the last four years there has been a technological uprising in the way modern marketers have gone about implementing location-based marketing. Beacons first came into the picture when Apple released the iBeacon specification […]

5 Location-based Marketing Technologies Agencies Should Leverage in 2016


Location intelligence is fast becoming an important component for most brands and businesses. According to LBMA’s Global Location Trends Report, nearly 253 leading global brands, including BMW, Tesco, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Starhub among others are leveraging location-based technologies to connect with their customers. In the same report, 75% of marketers concluded that location-based marketing is an […]