4 Success Metrics for your Eddystone Beacon Campaigns


Beacons and proximity solutions are fast becoming popular with marketers and brands not only for the engaging customer experiences they generate but also for the valuable data analytics and insights they gather, like, footfall metrics, engagement rates and repeat visit patterns among others. Gathering such important metrics was so far possible only by big brands […]

3 Ways Pop-Up Stores can Leverage Beacons to Boost Sales


Over the past few years, pop-up stores, with their ability to bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores have exploded and are currently fueling the retail revolution. From online brands testing the waters for a physical presence, to major retail brands testing out new products, the pop-up store concept has become a major tool […]

Beacon Analytics in Retail – 4 Essential Metrics for Retailers


It is no secret that retailers all over have doubled down on their proximity marketing efforts by incorporating beacons at various points of their customers’ buying journey. With beacons predicted to directly influence over $4 billion worth of US retail sales this year and retail brands are all set to move out of the pilot […]