Best of Beacons this Week: University of Texas launches a beacon app and more

  We are back with this week’s best of beacons post. In this feature, we will cover some interesting news and updates, right from the news of the University of Texas launching a beacon-enabled app to an exciting post on how airports are leveraging iBeacon technology for better perks. So, sit back and check out […]

How Apple Watch is Fast Emerging as the New face of Mobile Commerce


Apple made its first leap into the ‘wearable technology’ market by announcing Apple Watch at the iPhone 6 launch event on 9 September 2014. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO recently soothed the anticipation by revealing that Apple Watch will arrive on the shelves in April 2015. Being a device that’s to be worn on a user’s […]

Calling app developers: Build mobile commerce apps with the MobStac iOS SDK


In the fast-moving mobile world, one thing is for certain: consumers have come to expect an app for everything. From reading the news, to finding the best restaurants, to shopping for apparel, smartphone users these days start with a search on the app store to find an app that will do exactly what they want. […]