8 Best Apps that are doing Mobile Commerce Right


With a recent Forrester research report stating that mobile commerce in the U.S is expected to hit $114 billion by the end of 2014, the future of mobile commerce apps has never looked brighter. Today, mobile has become the primary screen for content consumption, advertising, and shopping causing brands to embrace mobile as a key medium […]

4 Ways the ‘Internet of Things’ will Impact the Retail Industry


‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has emerged as a keyphrase in most tech circles. With an array of developments that allow consumers to use and control technology for their own benefit, IoT is becoming more of a reality these days. While it may seem tricky to grasp as an idea, ‘Internet of Things’ in its simplest […]

Internet Retailer Feature: How Location-based Services are Transforming the Retail Landscape


According to a recent study by Usablenet, 30% of U.S shoppers used a mobile phone while in a store to help with shopping. It is no surprise then that mobile channel is all set to be the fastest growing retail touchpoint among consumers. Merely offering e-commerce features on mobile, however, will not help you drive loyal […]

Using Mobile to Enhance In-Store Shopping Experience – 7 tactics for Retailers

How mobile enhances in-store shopping experience

Today a consumer’s path to purchase often comprises of many online and few increasingly mobile touchpoints. Not only do they use their mobile devices to make purchases but also to research products, compare prices and check reviews. There’s no denying that mobile shoppers and showrooming are two buzzwords that strike fear in the heart of brick […]